How to get the best possible travel protection when new Covid restrictions will be introduced tomorrow

As the UK relaxes its Covid restrictions, TRAVEL rules will change tomorrow.

Travellers will no longer need to undergo a PCR test within two days of arriving in England. They can now opt for a lower-cost lateral flow.


It is crucial to have the right travel insurance in order not to be left behind in the event of an unexpected.Credit: Getty

What are the new changes?

Since yesterday, Brits have been able to return to the UK without needing to take a Covid test to enter the country, provided they are vaccinated.

The isolation rule, which required arrivals at the test site to isolate until they got their day two results, has been also dropped.

The day two test rules are set to change tomorrow, and families can save hundreds.

Brits will have the option to opt for a lateral flow instead of a PCR from Sunday morning at 4am. This test is significantly cheaper than the former.

While the NHS lateral flow tests can’t be used for travel purposes, they cost around £22 from private medical firms – while PCRs are at least £60 more.

According to the government’s website, “If you are fully vaccinated and arrive in England at 4am on Sunday 9 January, you may choose to have a lateral flow instead of a test for PCR after you arrive in England.”

“If you qualify as fully vaccinated for travel to England, and you will arrive in England after 4am, Sunday 9 January, you can choose to take a lateral flow test instead of a PCR test after you arrive in England.”

Travellers don’t need to isolate while they wait to see their results. However, they will still have to do a PCR test if they get a positive result.

The website is still available: “If you take a lateral flow test and test positive, you will need to self-isolate and take a free PCR test.”

What can I do for the best Covid holiday protection

1. Get travel insurance

To ensure you don’t get left behind in the event of a bad situation, it is crucial to buy travel insurance before you depart.

You could end up with thousands of pounds in emergency expenses if you don’t have the right policy.

Also, ensure that your police are included “disruption cover”To help you cover unexpected costs.

2. Make sure your policy covers spots that the UK government has banned

This is only offered by a handful of insurance companies.

Which is a consumer protection group? Which?, a consumer protection group, suggests that Nationwide, Barclays and Churchill have the best Covid insurance.

These providers should pay out if your trip is cancelled due to changes to Foreign Office advice.

These should also protect you in the event of a lockdown or positive tests for Covid-19.

3. Bring your insurance policy details

To get help if something goes wrong, you will need your policy number as well as the number for emergency assistance.

Check your policy to see if you can stay away for a longer period of time.

4. Get vaccinated

It is important to get vaccinated in order to be protected against the virus.

It is also a great way to get good coverage as insurance companies may not pay claims if you aren’t vaccinated. The exception to this rule is those who are medically excluded.


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