How to create a Minecraft map

It’s easy to get lost in Minecraft if you go too far away from your base.

You will need a map to keep you on track. Here’s how to make one.


For your map to be constructed, you’ll need to have a variety of materials

How to create a Minecraft map

Sugar cane

You will need eight sheets of paper and a compasse. These pieces will need to be found first.

Sugarcane can be found growing in the vicinity of water in both swamp and dry biomes.

You can make three sheets of paper by placing three pieces each of sugarcane in a row at your crafting table.

This means that you will need to place nine pieces sugarcane in rows of three to create your eight.


You will need four iron ore ingots as well as a piece redstone dust to make a compasse.

It is possible to mine for them both easily, especially if the mines are located near the bottom.

Make sure to have an iron pickaxe if you want to locate them.

Once you have four iron ore pieces and at least one piece redstone dust, you will need to smelt them into iron ingots using a furnace. 

Place the ingots in the four slots next to your middle block at the crafting table. Here you’ll place your redstone.


Finally, you are ready to start making a map.

Place the compass into the slot 3×3 of the crafting area.

In each of the remaining nine slots, place a paper.

You can now start filling out your map.

If you find crafting a map too difficult, you might try your luck in a treasure hunt.

Treasure can be found in sunken ships.


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