How to avoid the common mistake that families make when they first visit a Disney theme park

It’s exciting to visit a Disney theme park first time. Many people plan their trip well in advance.

However, a Disney expert warns guests that they should avoid a common error before visiting any Disney theme parks for the first time. It could cost you your entire trip.


An expert from Disney has advised guests that they should avoid making the same mistake when visiting a Disney Park for the first time. It could lead to a disastrous trip.Credit to Alamy

Rebecca James is a travel planner who helps families plan their first trip.

She explained that she will be coming to her often after talking to relatives and friends who have been there before. They have plans to do everything they were told.

She warned, however, that this is a terrible idea and something that first-time visitors should avoid at all cost.

Sun Online Travel spoke with her: “Whenever I get a client who has never been to Disney World, I ask them who they have asked for advice about their trip and then tell them not to ask anyone else.”

“It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information out there about the best ways to visit the parks.

“The best thing to do it listen to a couple of people and a travel expert and then come up with a plan.”

Rebecca advised first-time visitors not to get too involved in Disney forums or Facebook groups. This could lead to panic.

She continued: “You can’t do it all and you need to come to terms with that early on.”

“If you are sucked into a Facebook group or forum, you can feel really stressed.

“Pick the essential things you want to do and stick to them. If you try and do everything you’ll exhaust yourself and feel disappointed when you can’t.”

A Disney superfan shared a common error people make when visiting the park for the first-time.

Tiktok user Emily shared A video explaining that when some people go on their first trip, they make a strict itinerary for their days in the parks and don’t plan for any breaks.

Then when they get tired from running around the theme park for hours, they can’t take a break otherwise they’ll be behind on their plans.

She explained that it’s key to plan breaks into your day and, if you don’t end up needing them, you can use the time to do another ride or see a different attraction.

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Avoid taking advice from too many people as it'll make you feel overwhelmed


Do not take too much advice, as you will feel overwhelmed.Credit to Alamy


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