How “Survivor” 41 Cut One of The Show’s Most Oldest Traditions

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SurvivorThe show has been running in the US for 22 years. It is one of the longest-running programs in American history. Throughout that time on-air they’ve consistently changed the formula. Whether that’s rule changes, twists, new themes, new locations, or a plethora of other things. Jeff Probst and other producers love to keep the game moving. They make sure each season is different.

It’s rare for things NOT to change in the game, but some things do permeate every season. Fans were therefore confused when one was missing. Survivor‘s longest-standing traditions not appearing in Season 41: The family visit. Theories flew all around as to why the sentimental reunion moment that’Every season, s was absent. But recently one of the season’s premier castaways, Ricard, He made an unexpected statement on TwitterRefer to the missing segment.

Is there a family visit?


Ricard tweeted that he believed the editing of season 2 would have been different had he won. Amongst other things, he said he believes the family visit would have been included if he’d won because it is more of an emotional moment for him than it is for Erika.

How "Survivor" 41 Cut One of The Show's Most Oldest Traditions
Ricard’s tweet

Obviously, the biggest shock of that tweet, which Ricard seems to mention only in passing, is that there was, in fact, a loved one’s visit. Ricard said that only a few people who won the reward challenge in Episode 10 received videos from home. Erika wasn’t one of those who won the reward challenge. So the family messages didn’t make it to air to protect Erika’s edit, according to Ricard.

Survivor Editing Shenanigans

The way SurvivoThe subject of how the castaways are edited has been a long-standing topic of discussion. It’s understandable to want the winner of the show you’re putting on to be likeable, sympathetic, and to have a great story. But the issue is hardcore fans who watched the season felt that Erika didn’t get nearly a strong enough edit. Heather, her most trusted ally, was nearly invisible after the merger. Heather was unobserved until Deshawn’s tragic loss at a fire-making contest. And Erika still wasn’t shown nearly as frequently as her fellow finalists Ricard, Xander, and Deshawn.

So the omission of a family visit for the sake of Erika’s edit feels even more confusing when considering how rough of an edit she received regardless. But more than anything, it’s one of Survivor‘s most ever-present rewards for a reason. Family visits and messages are always emotionally poignant. It’It is rare for a family trip to be without one tear-jerking moment. It’s a beloved show and fans hope that it returns in future seasons.

SurvivorSeason 41 is now available to stream on Paramount Plus.


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