How One Image From Predator Inspired Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey

Speak to Empire Magazine this month (via AVP GalaxyDan Trachtenberg explained that his idea of an alternative was a concept he had developed. “Predator” story came from John McTiernan’s original film and one of the film’s expendable but equally immortalized soldiers — Sonny Landham’s stone-faced tracker, Billy.

He recalled his childhood memories, and the director went back to childhood. “in third grade, I was on the way to a karate tournament with these [older kids] who had seen [Predator], and over the entire trip they described the whole movie.”Although the children may have exaggerated a bit, they were still excited to see the Austrian Oak fight off the space invader. However, Trachtenberg was struck by one particular detail. “I vividly remember them saying there was this character, Billy, a Native American scout who fights the Predator on the bridge over a waterfall,” he said. 

Fans who are devoted to the franchise will recall that Billy was killed off-screen in his final fight. It was enough for Trachtenberg, who had to keep the story in mind for the future, to shine a spotlight upon a character who, at one time, might not have made it to final credits. “In ‘Predator,’ Billy was just one of the men on the team,”He went on. “In ‘Prey,’ we’re watching someone lead this movie that has never led this type of movie before.” 

It is clear to see Naru’s behavior when she is in control “Prey” arrives on Hulu on August 5, 2022.


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