How Johnny Depp & Amber Heard are Separated during Trial

According to reports, the Circuit Court of Fairfax County will go to great lengths to ensure Johnny Depp’s and Amber Heard’s separation during their court appearances. While both ex-spouses are present in the defamation trial, they are not able to speak at breaks or bump into each others as they move in and out the courtroom. The case was reported by a source who is familiar with the matter. TMZ.

According to court deputies, they are responsible for arranging Depp’s entrances into and exits from the courtroom. They arrange their timing so that they do not meet up and have awkward interactions away from each other. Depp, Heard and their deputies are taken to lunch breaks by the deputies. These lunch breaks are at different ends in the courthouse. They have their own separate areas for breaks, which are kept away from the public.

This separation protocol was revealed in a viral video from Thursday’s court sessions. Heard testified in that morning’s court session. Depp was then escorted to her end of the courtroom as she was leaving. They almost approached one another, but they were stopped by police officers who directed them away from one another. Many viewers speculated that the two may have been making eye contact at that moment. However, sources close to Heard stated that this was not the case. TMZ It wasn’t true.

The trial is currently in a temporary halt until May 16, to allow for the judge to attend a conference that was scheduled well in advance. Heard, who is still in the middle her testimony, will be unable to meet with her lawyers. After the break, Heard will be allowed to return to the podium for additional questioning by her own lawyer and then a cross examination by Depp’s side.

Heard will spend her break with her family, including her sister, who has reportedly been living with her through this whole ordeal. Closing arguments will be heard on May 27, when the jury will start deliberations. They areThe task of decidingIn her 2018 Washington Post op-ed, Heard defamed Depp. She called him a domestic abuser. Many fans believe that the case is a retrial of Depp’s domestic violence conviction.

Depp and Heard will return to court Monday, May 16, for additional testimony. The case will be televised and live streamed.


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