How Jason Korpi Booting Could be More Dangerous

UnexpectedFans are fed up with Jason Korpi. They are disgusted at the way Jason Korpi treats Kylen Smith and his manipulative ways. A petition has been started to remove him from the show. But would his departure cause more harm than good for the show?

Unexpected Fans Want Jason Out

Jason proves every week why he should be dropped from the series. His teenage girlfriend Kylen was his companion at the beginning Season 5. Jason believed he knew best for the two of them when they were expecting their first child. Because of his own insecurity, he wanted Kylen to have a homebirth. This was a big red flag for viewers, as Kylen expressed her desire for an in-hospital birth. He would rather spend time with friends than Kylen’s family. Jason claimed that they treated her like children, but she stated that it is normal for people to visit their parents.

The midwives told Kylen it was time to go to the hospital. However, Kylen wasn’t far enough advanced to warrant the trip. She assured him that she would make it to the hospital. He was also against epidurals, fearing that the baby would get addicted to drugs. Viewers have become tired of his controlling behavior and say it borders on abusive. TLC was called to get rid Jason. He has become too much. He was recently arrested on eleven charges. Jason could be better off if he continues to host the series.

Are You More Secure at Television?

Jason could be leaving the series for many reasons. Yet there is one possible reason he should stay- Kylen’s safety. She is safer when she has cameras surrounding her than when she doesn’t have anyone following her. One viewer said this: “I’m afraid if they kick him off the show though, it will get worse. He will make her leave & then who knows what will happen.”After a list of terrible things Jason did to Kylen during labor, this was followed by a few more. They have a valid point. Many of them are right. The petition was signedThey were tired of seeing abuse and did not do it because of that.


It started out as a campaign to collect one thousand signatures to remove Jason. A new goal of 15 hundred signatures was set. He is believed to be following his followers “toxic,” “abusive,”It requires a lot of work. “counseling.”It is unfortunate that a teen dad who feels comfortable in front of cameras can display such behavior off-camera. Perhaps Kylen would be better off working in production because Jason can go so far. This is still to be determined.

Do you think it is better to keep Jason around for Kylen’s safety or does it really matter? Tell us and we’ll watch. UnexpectedSundays on TLC


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