How Catherine Giudici Handles Drama and Sensitive Days As A Mom

Catherine Giudici Lowe & her Bachelor husband Sean Lowe are two of Bachelor Nation’s most loved couples. They share three children and live in Dallas. This week, Catherine spoke about how she’s handling mom life and how she deals with their different personalities. Read on to hear more of her words.

Catherine Giudici Lowe discusses mom life

US Weekly Catch upCatherine Giudici Lowe will talk about her new partnership and her life as mom. Catherine is a master at handling meltdowns with her children. She says she’s learned how to handle each one based on their personality.

Catherine said “It’s different for each child.”She continued: “I think you have to understand the individual child that you’re connecting with or trying to learn about.”

She described each of the kids’ personalities. Catherine stated, Samuel, 5 is “sensitive”And “very emotional,”While his 3-year-old brother, Isaiah is “happy go lucky.”Their 2-year-old daughter Mia is already an author “drama queen.”

She stated that she and Sean have learned how to deal with each child individually over the years.

Catherine and Sean Lowe via Instagram Photo

She noted that her goal is for her children to feel secure coming to her with any problems. She shared the following: “I always think, ‘What would I want Sean Lowe to do when I come to him?’ Because tantrums are when they’re comfortable with you. Whenever there’s a tantrum, I’m like, ‘That’s what I do to Sean Lowe.’ Like, I’m great in front of everybody else, but I come home and vent to my husband because I know he’s going to love me unconditionally. So when my kids do that to me, I have to take it as them loving me and feeling safe with me.”

Catherine Guiduci, Chris Harrison from Instagram

These two lovebirds could have more children.

Catherine also talked about Sean, her husband, and how great he is with their kids. Catherine also mentioned that communication between them is excellent.

Catherine said that they will probably have no more biological children. She said that if they want to have another child, they will be looking into adoption.

sean lowe via Instagram
Sean Lowe | Instagram

Catherine stated right now that everything is up in the air since raising three children is both exciting and overwhelming.

What do you think about the way Catherine and Sean handle their children’s tantrums?


How Catherine Giudici Handles Drama and Sensitive Days As A Mom
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