How can I get the TikTok smile filter?

The TikTok grinning smile filter is both funny and creepy.

TikTok is well-known for its video effects and editing features. Here’s how you can use it.


Many TikTok users experiment with the grinning filterCredit: Getty

What is TikTok’s grinning filter?

Although it is now very popular, the grinning filter in TikTok was there since 2020.

Because it manipulates facial expressions so easily, it caught the attention of users in spring 2022.

It adds a smiley set of teeth to your closed mouth, which is a TikTok filter that brings out the humor in this particular TikTok filter.

Since the smile totally overlays your natural lips, it creates the illusion that you’re a lot more excited than you might actually be at the moment.

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TikTok videos that are popular show users activating the filter for friends and family members who might not be aware.

They appear shocked to see the grinning reflection looking back at them when they’re not actively smiling themselves.

The grinning effect can be found on the TikTok filter library


You can find the grinning effect in the TikTok filter collectionCredit: Getty

Is it difficult to get the TikTok grinning filters?

Once you’re logged in to your TikTok account, all you have to do is tap the + button in the center of the bottom panel.

Once your camera screen opens, you’ll need to tap the “effects”You will find the button next to the “record” button.

Next, type the word “grinning” into the search bar, and it’s the only filter that will show up.

If your goal is to go viral on TikTok, you’ll have to do a little more than rely on popular filters every once in a while.

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It’s also important to add the proper hashtags to the videos you’re posting. #GrinningFilter is currently in use Social media users have shared millions of views and likes.

The account @LoveSoReal is home to the most loved grinning filter video on TikTok.

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