How Alfre woodard ruined the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Alfrewoodard, who has a long and distinguished acting career with more than 120 television and film credits, is not surprising to be seen in popular Hollywood films. However, two Marvel characters portrayed by the Academy Award nominee raised a great deal of theorizing amongst the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

Woodard appeared for the first time in 2016’s Captain America Civil War at the request of friend Robert Downey Jr. She portrayed grieving mother Miriam Sharpe, a U.S. State Department employee who confronted Tony Stark about her son’s death during a battle she blamed the Avengers for. Stark later sides with Captain America, and the United Nations establishes government oversight for the Avengers.

Woodard shared his story The Oklahoman She admits that she likes a break from the serious dramas. “I have so much fun doing the other thing because it reminds me. … When we were little, they’d say, ‘Go on, get out of here, go play and you’d just be running through the yard, ‘Na na na na. OK, and now, and now we see the monster. Oh! And now we’re gonna run over here!'”She said.

Woodard’s participation in the upcoming election was confirmed by new news Captain America Civil War actually followed her casting announcement as Mariah Dillard in Marvel’s Luke Cage. She was the evil politician whose plans for Harlem are repeatedly foiled by Cage in both seasons.

Woodard said that it was fun to take on evil, corrupt characters. “That’s one of the great plusses about being an actor,”She told The Oklahoman. “If you’re female, from the time you’re 3 years old, people are going, ‘Be nice, be nice. You shouldn’t think that way. Don’t act that way.’ They tell Jennifer, ‘Come on, Jennifer … don’t act that way. Be nice.’ Jeremy is swinging on the chandelier, they don’t say nothing to the boys. But the girls have to be nice. So, it’s a way to get to be whatever you want to be. That’s fun,”She said.

The Marvel/Netflix shows made references to the films before Kevin Feige took over Marvel’s TV development. However, the movies never reciprocated. Woodard’s duel Marvel roles were the source of some speculation, even though Luke Cage was originally a Netflix property before Disney regained the license for it and other Marvel Netflix characters. Fans speculated that Woodard may have been the same person in both films. Miriam Phillips was a cover for Mariah Dillard.

Captain America Civil War Stephen McFeely, Stephen Markus, and Christoper Markus were the writers They have been confirmedWoodard has two distinct roles and is therefore credited with “Miriam”In the credits of the movie, Miriam Sharpe (from the comics) is the character that confronted Tony Stark during her son’s funeral.


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