House hunter horrified as dome in landlord’s back garden listed on SpareRoom for £750


It was listed on SpareRoom and described as the’most beautiful place to sleep in spring and summer’.

The dome was described as stunning ‘in spring and summer’

Tenants were invited to pay £750 a month to sleep in a plastic dome in a landlord’s back garden.

The room advertised as: “Looking for someone who appreciates the outdoors and someone who loves nature.”

However, the occupant will need to enter the house to use the loo or cook.

SpareRoom listed it as suitably for sale. “someone who is minimalistic”And described it as “the most beautiful place to sleep in the spring and summer months”.

This could be due in part to the lack of central heating. Another dome sits alongside – but looks to have fewer windows and could be a glorified shed.

A view from the dome


View inside the dome

The structures are placed between trees that have been established and appear to share a common area with tables and chairs.

The listing – in trendy Highgate, north London – came as rents across Britain continue to rocket and millions face a cost of living crisis.

A 20-year-old woman was shocked to see the dome while searching for a place in the capital. She explained: “I was shocked. I thought there were regulations to stop this kind of thing.”

Housing campaigner Alasdair Mcclenahan, of Justice for Tenants, said: “The cost of living is increasing but wages and income are not.

“People have to do whatever they can to get a roof, or in this case, a dome, over their head and not be out on the street.”

Anyone offering accommodation which fails to meet basic standards can face criminal prosecution and fines of more than £100,000.

There are strict rules governing ventilation, electricity, cooking and bathroom facilities.

Portia Msimang, from Renters’ Rights London, said the dome was “cute for a weekend but a really horrible housing situation.”

She added: “I fear plenty of people would willingly pay £750 per month to sleep under PVC in this back garden, such is the extent of the housing emergency in London.”

Local one-bed flats in Highgate – home to stars like singer Harry Styles and actor Jude Law – can cost £1,900 a month. Yet the average monthly salary nationwide for 20-somethings is £2,257.

Catherine West, Highgate MP, was shocked at the dome setup. She stated: “While a ‘geodesic dome’ might be a good way to go glamping, spending £750 a month for one in London is a damning indication of our housing crisis.

“Far too many young people are being forced into completely unacceptable solutions like these.

“The Government needs to build the housing we need.”

The dome was previously listed as a residential rental several times. It was last listed this month.

When contacted, the woman who put the advertisement said that she never intended to let the dome out.

She said: “It was a meditation area for my mental health during lockdown.

“Not for renting. This listing is out-of-date and should have been removed.

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