Honey Oil Lab Explosion Blows Out Window at Simi Valley Apartment – Los Angeles

Simi Valley police on Tuesday were investigating an explosion that blew out a window at an apartment and burned a man suspected of operating a honey oil lab.

The incident happened at 4:14 a.m. in the 1800 block of Bishop Lane, police said in a news release. Upon arrival, officers discovered that several of a single apartment’s windows were blown out, including the window frames.

VCFD determined that there did not appear to be any structural damage; however, Building and Safety will be consulted.

The apartment’s occupant suffered burns on the top of his feet and his hair was singed. He and his roommate were taken to the hospital. The occupant was arrested on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance, police said.

Officers found evidence of a butane honey oil lab, police said.

According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, the use of butane hash oil is not new but is gaining in popularity due to the wider legalization of marijuana. The extraction process is dangerous and often involves butane, an odorless gas that easily ignites.

The product created has a highly concentrated level of THC, the main active chemical in cannabis.


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