Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn says she is not worried about OnlyFans photos leaked

A few saucy pictures from Sarah Jayne Dunn’s OnlyFans Page have been published online. But the Hollyoaks actress says she isn’t surprised by the photos, as it’s ‘just how the world works’

Sarah Jayne Dunn online pictures leaks are par for the Course’

Sarah Jayne Dunn “isn’t horrified at all”After her OnlyFans photos made it into online forums,

Hollyoaks actress Hollyoaks, 40, joined the adult-only site last year. However, her saucy snaps weren’t long after.

According to reports, the mother-of-one was “horrified”Her representative said that she was shocked to learn what had actually happened.

He said this to The Mirror: “Sarah isn’t horrified at all, unfortunately this is just par for the course with any online platform.

“Content gets leaked and it’s the world we live in for all creators which isn’t right at all, but given how successful Sarah’s profile is on OnlyFans – in the top 0.5% of all creators worldwide – it’s really not an issue that she is worried about.

Sarah is ‘extremely thankful’ for the support from her OnlyFans group


Kerry Spicer Photography

According to OnlyFans, her profile is in the top 0.5% of all content worldwide


Kerry Spicer Photography

“The team at OnlyFans are amazing at getting leaks taken down quickly.

“Sarah is extremely grateful for all the support and incredible feedback she gets from her OnlyFans Community.”

The stunning star played Mandy Richardson on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks since 1996, but parted ways with the soap after she was unable to ‘reach a solution’ with bosses over her site content.

Hollyoaks parted ways with the actress


Kerry Spicer Photography

She said she considered the pros and cons of joining the platform for adults only.



The spokesperson for Channel 4 stated that cast members are not allowed to participate on 18+ sites because of the young audience who closely follow the soap.

Sarah previously confessed that she struggled financially while working on the Chester-based program.

“There’s a huge misconception that people on TV shows earn huge amounts of money, it just isn’t the case,”She told The Sun.

“People talk about massive six-figure salaries but the reality is that if your character isn’t in a big storyline for a while you can end up struggling some months.”

She has taken pictures for many lads mags during her career.



“I’ve definitely experienced that myself. There are periods I haven’t known how I was going to get through the next month.”

Sarah, who has previously posed for several lads mags in her career earlier, said that OnlyFans was a platform she was using for her. “racier images”.

She previously explained: “I’m simply moving my sexier, racier images to another platform.

“This is a decision I’ve thought long and hard about, not one I’ve taken lightly or on a whim, it’s about taking back control, about empowerment and confidence and having full power over my choices.”

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