Hitman 3 DLC free with a new locale

Hitman 3 is now able to download a NEW area, which contains previously unreleased mission missions.

Agent 47 is back with new missions. They all take place at a new location that connects to other stories.


The Queen of Pirates Akka must be taken down.Credit: IO Interactive

Ambrose Island, which is a new name for the area, is its current name.

The new pirate syndicate is said to have found the island in a secret cove in Andaman Sea.

Agent 47, the series’ protagonist, must infiltrate the pirate camp to take down Akka and Noel Crest, a rogue theftist.

The DLC’s story is a prequel to the game’s story. It serves to fill in some plot holes from Hitman 2 and bridges the gap.

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We don’t know the identity of the person, but it was revealed that Ambrose Island will be home to a variety of Hitman characters from World of Assassination.

The storyline will help tie up several narrative threads that have been left unclear until now.

You can find additional content that goes with the new location.

New unlockable items were also introduced in addition to the new challenges.

The patch will support ray-tracing across the entire title, which means better dynamic lighting effects.

DLC supports VR and Contracts modes.

The best thing about Hitman 3 is that DLC is available for free to anyone with a copy on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One.

It applies to those who downloaded it via Xbox Game Pass. However, they will be unable to access it if they cancel their subscription.

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Hitman 3 DLC free with a new locale

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