Hilarious moment a naked man falls to the ground after answering his husband’s call

Many funny videos of video calls have been shared on social media since the advent of working remotely.

Whether you’re struggling with Zoom filters or you forgot to change your screen name, most people have had their fair share of stress while dialling into virtual meetings.

What about mishaps that involve housemates or partners?

One man captured hilariously the moment his husband entered his work call naked before hiding on the ground.

Jason Bowers, 35 years old, just got out of the shower. He was writing a message on his cell phone when he walked into their bedroom in December 2021.

He did not know that Damian Mlotkowski, a 35-year old partner, was also in the Zoom meeting. Damian was using his webcam and was visible to twelve of his colleagues.

Jason and Damian / SWNS

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Jason, West Hollywood, California, said: “I had no idea he was on a meeting.

“I was so focussed on my message I was writing that I didn’t look up so I couldn’t see he was on a call.

“Damian was looking down at the time so he didn’t realise I was coming in either.

“As I was going into the room I began to realise that the voices I was hearing might be a Zoom meeting, to which then I looked up and, yep, I was right!

“I dropped to the floor because I was so embarrassed that they might have seen me naked, and by dropping to the floor they wouldn’t be able to see me hopefully.

“When I fell to the floor I started laughing hysterically because I had no idea what they saw.”

Damian, real estate agent, saw exactly what had happened behind him. He quickly turned off the camera but not before his colleagues started laughing.

Jason was able to keep his modesty protected by a well-placed chair.

“I was living my worst nightmare, I was embarrassed but also found it to be hilarious,”Paramount producer.

“My first reaction was thank God the chair was there, and my second reaction was ‘why does it look like I fell through a hole in the floor?’

“I was mortified, but overall I think it’s such a funny moment.”

Later on that evening the couple attended the estate agency’s Christmas party, and they all had a good laugh about the working from home blunder.

Jason said: “I would say that blurred backgrounds were created for these types of situations, so use them.

“But also get yourself a cool boss that deals with mishaps like a champ!”

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