Hilaria Baldwin Shares the Sad Reason Why She is Nervous About Pregnancy

Hilaria Baldwin’s past miscarriages are stressing her during this pregnancy. April 11, 2009 Video on InstagramBaldwin uses a Doppler ultrasound to examine her baby bump. Almost four months along on what’s to be her seventh child, she reflected on the pregnancy she lost at 16 weeks in 2019. “So much of motherhood is waiting and realizing that there is so much beyond our control,”Baldwin captioned Baldwin’s video. “As I approach the time when I lost the second baby… I get more nervous. I get asked all the time how to stay calm and make it through after loss. To be honest, it’s hard to stay calm, even if someone hasn’t experienced loss.”

Baldwin’s mother gave her some Zen wisdom to help her get through this difficult time. “‘[T]his is preparation for an entire lifetime of being a mother and not being able to control so much. You must live and learn to be,'”Baldwin was reminded of the words her mother used to say. Baldwin, a yoga coach, shared that she also does breath-work. “calm muscles of stress in my body,” noting, “I can feel my stress level rise, approaching the 4 month mark.”

The following is an extract from the Advanced Fertility Clinic of ChicagoBaldwin, 38, has a 22% chance for pregnancy loss. At age 40, this number jumps to 33%. We are so glad Hilaria is taking everything in stride.


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