‘Highly disturbing’Riverside County: A burro was shot and killed with an arrow.

Investigations are underway into the shooting death of a burro with an arrow. Officials from Riverside County said Wednesday.

On April 30, California Highway Patrol and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department both received Numerous calls regarding a wounded burro in Reche Canyon between Keissel Road & Mercadante Lane.

Riverside County Department of Animal Services officials stated that officers responded to the call to locate the animal with an underside arrow.

They loaded the ailing animal onto a trailer and took it to an equine hospital, where it ultimately died of its injury, despite doctors’ efforts.

Animal Services Commander Josh Sisler stated that the burro was probably in extreme pain and could not rest. This made its suffering worse.

“We’re certain that someone willfully shot this burro with the intent in killing it,” Sisler said. “The burro was struck in a very vulnerable area and its force was so strong it punctured through to the opposite side of the burro. It’s shameless to maim an innocent animal and cause its demise. We’re hopeful we can find the person responsible for this heinous act.”

The arrow was turned over to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, with hopes that investigators could find fingerprint evidence that can help find whoever shot the burro, officials said.

“This is highly disturbing that someone would purposely harm a defenseless animal and cause its death,”Erin Gettis, Director of Animal Services, stated in a news release. “If anyone has any helpful information, we urge them to contact us as we pursue felony animal cruelty charges.”

Reche Canyon residents, hikers, and horsesback riders were asked by authorities to keep an eye out for suspicious persons, including those with guns or archery equipment.


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