Hidden pods are what I use as a flight attendant when we travel on planes.

An airline worker revealed hidden sleeping pods for flight attendants aboard planes.

Quinten Moshy demonstrated dark areas without windows so cabin crew could rest.


Unidentified sleeping pods in the planes of flight attendants were discovered by an airline workerCredit to Alamy
She showed fans the 'dark little pods'


She displayed the “dark little pods” to her fansCredit: tiktok.com/@quintenmoshy
She revealed there are no windows in the pods


She stated that the pods have no windowsCredit: tiktok.com/@quintenmoshy

The wall has lights that allow them to read, chat or watch while they are on breaks. Additionally, the whole floor is covered with a mattress-like material.

Quinten wrote: “No windows, just mirrors and curtains.”

A fellow flight attendant commented: “My favourite part of a long haul flight is getting to crawl in my bunk and knock out for two+ hours.

“It’s surprisingly cozy up there.”

One person said this: “Looks kinda cozy.”

“Thanks – this made my day,”Another one added.

An attendant on a flight revealed earlier this month how they keep passengers calm.

In an in-flight magazine, KLM’s in-flight entertainment manager revealed how the cabin crew on their planes can use music to change and maintain the atmosphere.

He also explained how not every journey will call for the same vibe, and how the flight attendants will choose the right music for each flight.

He said: “What passengers might not know is that it’s the flight attendants who pick the music.

“They can choose from three playlists: easy, medium or up-tempo. Each list is created to match the mood of the entire aircraft.

“For example, if you boarded an evening flight, you probably heard the easy playlist, which has a mellow vibe.

“What’s more: all of our playlists include upcoming talent, and can be found (together with other playlists) on Spotify.”

Another flight attendant claimed that cabin crew give poor service to passengers who make the same mistake as others.

In A Facebook postKristie Koerbel shared a few things that make her job harder and explained why there is so much chaos in travel at the moment.


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