Hidden Google Earth feature lets you watch a 37 year timelapse of your hometown – here’s how to do it

GOOGLE Earth is loaded with many cool features. One of these features is a timelapse tool, which can show you how the planet has changed over time.

Alphabet’s Google Earth, one of the most important tools in modern times, is a great tool.


Google Earth will show you the changes in your area over time.

The service uses satellite imaging to let you explore all corners of the world – some in 3D – from your computer.

Users can access a timelapse feature, which shows how their neighborhood has changed in the past 37 years, as of April last year.

Googler collected more than 24,000,000 satellite photos over the course of four decades to create this tool.

This feature will show you how to use the “show” button. “not just problems but also solutions,” per a Google blog post.

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Rebecca Moore, director of Google Earth, also noted that the Google Earth timelapse tool can display additional information. “mesmerizingly beautiful natural phenomena that unfold over decades”.

The tech giant intends to keep adding new images to the project throughout the next decade.

Google is closely cooperating with Nasa (the US Geological Survey’s Landsat) and the European Union’s Copernicus Program on this project.

Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab powers the timelapse feature.

How to view your local timelapse

Start by opening your browser. Then, follow this link:  g.co/Timelapse.

Next, go to the “Search the planet”Enter any location in the world using the search bar

Google Earth will find the address you have selected and start showing the timelapse.

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The timelapse map and search bar will appear to the left.

To zoom in or out, users can use the plus/minus buttons.

You can also pause or play the timelapse by using the settings located above the search bar.

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