Hey Duggee: Sir David Attenborough joins Hey Duggee for praises of plants

Sir David Attenborough has lent his voice to a special episode of popular children’s show Hey Duggee to show the importance of plants in our lives.

Alexander Armstrong, a regular narrator, and naturalist, joined the 95-year-old broadcaster and broadcaster for the recording. He notes the differences between trees and plants. “the basis of all life on Earth”.

Duggee is a large, loving dog that helps pre-schoolers understand the natural world.

Sir David Attenborough attended the premiere of The Green Planet at Cop26 in Glasgow (Jane Barlow/PA).(PA Wire)

“Trees and plants are the basis of all life on Earth and that includes all the plants in our gardens and all the fruit and vegetables we grow,”Sir David says this in his narration.

“We depend on plants for every mouthful of food we eat and every lungful of air we breath.”

Pre-schoolers can be seen enjoying their gardens and growing their own vegetables, such as broccoli, lettuce and tomatoes.

The episode will debut on Sunday on the Hey Duggee YouTube channel – the same day Sir David’s five-part natural history series The Green Planet launches on BBC One.

(Studio AKA/BBC/PA)

Sir David’s latest programme sees him travel across the globe, from the US to Costa Rica and across Europe to different terrains including deserts, water worlds, tropical forests and the frozen north.

The documentary series comes 26 years after The Private Life Of Plants aired. “how science and technologies have advanced, and how our understanding of the ways in which plants behave and interact has evolved”The BBC said so.

In conjunction with Cop26, the series’ global premiere was held in Glasgow in November.

CBeebies will air Hey Duggee on Monday, January 10, at 7.20am.


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