Here’s Why Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn lowry is Apologizing to Jenelle Evans

Kailyn Lowry apologizes to her former employer “Teen Mom 2″Jenelle Evans, her co-star, falsely accused her of having leaked information about Lux’s pregnancy. Kailyn posted her apology Instagram. After watching the latest episode of “Teen Mom 2,”Jenelle wasn’t really the culprit. She was shocked to discover that Jenelle had been her accomplice. “blamed the wrong person.”

“With that being said, I wanted to formally apologize to my former co-star, Jenelle, for wrongfully accusing her of leaking my pregnancy news when I was pregnant with Lux,” Kailyn wrote. She wrote that she was able to admit she had lashed because she felt overwhelmed. “hurt and betrayed”It’s not unusual for someone to go to the tabloids before she can announce the news herself. “No one likes admitting when they were wrong, but I was wrong here,”Kailyn continued and apologized to Jenelle for blocking her on social media.

Per Us WeeklyThe most recent “Teen Mom 2″It was Vee Rivera who had been the OG leaker, as revealed by episode. Vee is married to Jo Rivera who is the father of Kailyn’s first son Isaac. Javi Marroquin was Kailyn’s father, Lincoln, and Vee had revealed the pregnancy details to him. Kailyn also hosts a podcast that Vee hosts. This incident actually took place years ago. Kailyn “fessed up” to the fact that it had actually occurred years ago. Twitter, “Idc how long ago something is. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Apologies are owed.”


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