Here’s When “American Pickers” Return To Indiana

The cast of American PickersIndiana is the destination. The popular series of antiquing is expanding its horizons. Indiana is seeing the cast members return. The History Channel’s new episodes will be filmed in May 2022.

Fans should keep an eye out for them. This was just before the Season 23 premiere, which aired January 1, 2022. The show’s ratings have been steadily declining since then. Mike Wolfe’s brother, Robbie Wolfe, replaced Frank Fritz, who was fired from the series.

Indiana is the next stop for The History Channel’s show “History Channel”.

American PickersThe series is a docu-series that offers a glimpse into antiques. The popular pickers are able to find the most rare and expensive antiques. They discover some of the most rare pieces and the stories that go with them. The American PickersIndiana will be filming the cast in just two weeks

ThePickersAre looking for antiques or recycled items. They are also looking to meet the most interesting people. Only rare collectibles will be allowed. All cast members wish to discover all there is to America.

Over the years, The Pickers have traveled across the country looking for the perfect picker. They’re on the hunt for something they’ve never seen before. They seek out the most unique pieces that have a remarkable history.

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The cast and crew of American PickersThey are taking the coronavirus epidemic seriously. They’re following the current health and safety guidelines instituted by Indiana and the CDC. However, they are looking for collectors willing to talk about their weird pieces. The TV show is currently seeking a host. “large, rare, collections & things they’ve never seen before,”A poster shared by

They are interested in featuring people with interesting collections. This could help them find hidden treasure. They want those who are able to provide evidence of their abilities. “large, private collection”Send the details to their email address. Here is all the information that you need Hereon

American PickersAlso heading to Michigan

Following this news, MLiveAccording to reports, American PickersFilming episodes in Michigan is also underway. Cineflix has been busy sharing the show’s latest updates on its Facebook page.

“‘American Pickers,’ which stars collectors Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby and Robbie Wolfe, is headed to Michigan this May and is seeking out private collectors with really cool items and stories to tell. No stores. Private collections only,”The Cineflix’s Facebook post.

Cineflix can be contacted by phone or email if you are interested in being considered for the show. You can find contact information here HerePlease see the full article. Let us know your thoughts. American PickersAre you returning to Indiana or heading to Michigan? Are you looking forward to the new season of The Season? Comment below to let us know your excitement about the new season.

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