Here’s how I act as a flight attendant in the event of a passenger’s death on board a plane

A FLIGHT attendant shared what happens if a person dies onboard a plane.

The flight crew may refuse to allow the deceased passenger to be moved until there is enough room on board.


According to one cabin crew member, passengers could find themselves next to a body that is dead on a flight.Credit: Alamy

TikTokSheena Marie is a flight attendant and explained that “if they have a cardiac arrest and die, and there’s nothing we can to do about it, we can’t start CPR. We are going to just wait until our final destination.

“We are going to keep that dead body where it is at.”

She also said that the body could be moved if there’s enough space, like a back row with no seats, “covered with a blanket”.

The plane would then be taken out of service and passengers would be allowed to get off.

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TikTok users were shocked when one user said: “If a person next to me on a plane dies and y’all try to leave them next to me I will literally jump out of the window.”

Another person also agreed and added: “Just know I’m sitting on someone’s lap if there are no more seats.”

One woman explained how her husband died while on a long-haul Air New Zealand flight between Los Angeles, California and Auckland.

She stated, “When he wouldn’t wake up, I got a flight attendant who then went to fetch a doctor-passenger.

“He completed the normal signs of life tests and declared himself dead about four hours before landing.

“He stayed in his sleeper seats covered with a blanket for the rest of the journey and I lay beside him and held him until we landed.”

Jim Wilson is the name given to dead bodies aboard a plane.

Sara Marsden, Editor in Chief of US Funerals Online, stated that American Airlines has a dedicated help desk to assist funeral homes, which they call the American Airlines Jim Wilson Service.

The nickname allows undertakers or transport services to call about a body dead without having to overhear it. The name derives from the crates used for transporting the bodies.

Alcor 1997 Stabilization and Transport Manual explains how Jim Wilson Trays can be used as shipping containers and are packed in ice to preserve the remains of the person.

Other airlines refer to the dead bodies as HR, abbreviation of human remains.

After staff had brought the wrong-sized steps, paramedics were able to board the plane with an unconscious body.

According to airport sources, there was a “comedy of errors”Paramedics had to climb on board the Air New Zealand flight bound for Hong Kong. It was diverted to Australia.

In a Reddit thread with viral contentOne person stated that they often send complete bodies on planes. Some in caskets, others not.

“Twice in the seven years I’ve been doing this has ‘fluid’ leaked out of the boxes the bodies are in and got all over the luggage.”

Many social media users were left horrified by the explanation


Many social media users were horrified at the explanation.


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