Here are my top four tips for getting some sleep during flights.

A SLEEP expert shares essential tips on how to fly 40 winks.

Some people are able to fall asleep quickly, but others will need this advice.


An expert on sleep has shared top tips for flying while getting good sleepCredit: Getty

Dr Michael Breus, also known by “The Sleep Doctor”I spoke at a recent event to honor National Sleep Month.

He stated that he takes his own items to bed every night. “doesn’t trust”Airlines will have useful items.

He recommended that you always have a travel kit, which includes an eye mask, noise cancelling earbuds and blue-light blocking glasses.

It can make all the difference whether you fall asleep on the flight or not.

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Dr Breus suggested using a site like SeatGuruYou can read reviews about airplane seats to find the perfect spot.

He explained that Forbes: “When you plug in your flight number, it pulls up a schematic of the fuselage and it tells you where the best seats are for sleep. It’s awesome.”

The best way to sleep on a plane is to choose a window seat. This will give you something to rest your head against, and it won’t bother you if other passengers need to go to the bathroom.

According to the self-proclaimed sleep doctor, you should adjust your schedule to match the time zone at your destination before you fly.

This will reduce the effects of jetlag and make it easier for your body to fall asleep during flight.

He recommended that the app be used Timeshifter,It allows you to design a personal jetlag plan for your flight.

The doctor advised that you not worry about getting to sleep if it isn’t easy.

He says that it’s normal for your body clock and sleeping pattern to be out-of-synchrony when crossing timezones. However, anxiety or stress over it will only make things worse.

He explained: “Worrying less about the idea that you’re going to be out of routine or not in your own bed or out late one night, the better you’ll be in terms of managing some semblance of a quality night’s sleep while you’re traveling.”

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Amending your sleep schedule before the flight will help to battle jetlag


Jetlag can be avoided by adjusting your sleep schedule prior to the flightCredit: Getty


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