Helen Mirren’s Transformation into Golda Meir Makes Her Unrecognizable

From Queen Elizabeth II To Catherine the Great, Helen Mirren has played many powerful historical women.

It is therefore only natural that the 76 year-old actress was cast as the Israeli Prime Minister. Golda MeirShe is the only woman ever to hold this office. The movie will follow Meir as she works with the all-male Cabinet during the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

“Golda Meir was a formidable, intransigent and powerful leader,” Mirren said at the time of the casting announcement, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “It is a great challenge to portray her at the most difficult moment of her extraordinary life. I only hope I do her justice!” Meir died of lymphatic cancer in 1978 at age 80.

The biopic, currently in production GoldaPhotographers spotted him filming in London. Queen actress filming alongside Get in touch with me! star Camille Cottin. Mirren appears almost unrecognizable in the photos, thanks to her prosthetics and makeup.


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