Hear Masked Wolf’s new collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon, ‘Fallout’

Masked Wolf, an Australian rapper, has shared the song. ‘Fallout’A collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon.

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The track is called the ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ rapper’s first new song of 2022. It was released by Elektra Records today (April 1) It is available below.

TikTok had shared a clip from the song by the band to tease the release. Below is a clip of Oli Sykes singing while the rest jam in the studio.

Masked Wolf also uploaded a separate clip featuring the track to his Instagram page.


☢THIS IS THE FALLOUT ☢ #fyp #bmth #emo #bringmethehorizon #newmusic

♬ original sound – BRING ME THE HORIZON

His viral success with his TikTok-powered song “The TikTok Song” ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’Masked Wolf released his debut mixtape ‘Astronomical’In September 2021. It featured collaborations between X Ambassadors Kevin Gates and NICOLOSI.

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Machine Gun Kelly featured BMTH in the meantime‘s new album ‘Mainstream Sellout’Follow the track ‘Maybe’They also launched the, which was also presented in Los Angeles earlier in the month.

The track was described as “a sleek chunk of nihilism that combines arena ambition with a curled-lip moodiness”In Camille Atebe‘s four-star review of the album.

The band was also featured on a recently recorded video. Gran Turismo 7 T-Pain & Davido will be competing with their fans.

Bring Me The Horizon also paid tribute Ukraine’s during their closing set at BandLab Camille Atebe Awards 20,22 earlier in the month. “I guess it’s better being here in a room full of influential people: they need to use their voice every single day until this crisis is over,” Sykes told the audience before the band’s final song ‘Throne’. “If Kyiv does not survive, international peace will not survive.”

BMTH was also awarded the Best Band in the UK Supported by Pizza Express Award at the ceremony.

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