Harry Styles’ primary school teacher thanks star for concert shout-out

Harry Styles’ primary school teacher has thanked the singer for his “lovely tribute”During a concert earlier this year.

On Wednesday, the former One Direction singer stopped by Old Trafford cricket ground to give Mrs Vernon a shout out.

The 28-yearold thanked each other. “truly wonderful”Teachers from Hermitage Primary school in Holmes Chapel (Cheshire).

Lorraine Kelly (Ian West/PA).PA Wire/PA Pictures – Ian West

On Lorraine, ITV, Mrs Vernon stated: “I would have loved to have been there but Mrs Bailey, my colleague who was there, she phoned straight away.

“I’ve watched the video and it was just such a lovely tribute and a really, really great thing for him to do.”

Lorraine Kelly, the host, said: “Obviously you had a huge influence on him. He thanked you personally and dedicated a song to you. He’s basically just a wee angel. Was he always like that?”

Mrs Vernon replied: “Some of the time. Some of the time he was an angel. Some of the time he could be, you know…

“He’s got a cheeky, lovely side to him. He was a great character. That smile was always so lovely.

“He loved music, he loved performing, right the way through our school and everybody, every teacher at Hermitage had a big impact on him.”

She added that she was grateful for the public thanks-yous: “It was a really kind thing for him to do.

“Teachers do a brilliant job, every single teacher worked so, so hard, and the reward we get is from the children in our class and the children that we’ve taught in every previous year.

“That’s what we get our reward from.”

Mrs Vernon claimed that she had seen “something special”Styles right from the start

“A sparkle, a twinkle in his eye. His personality or character being so much there from when he was four or five. That showed us that he was going to go on to do something really special.”


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