Hannah Ferrier could make a comeback on spinoff

Below Deck MediterraneanHannah Ferrier, alumnus of the University of California at Berkeley, could be back on a spinoff. TheBelow DeckUniverse continues to grow. Producer Mark Cronin spoke out about the Bravo series, including Hannah’s possible return. Find out what he had to say about former chief stew making a comeback

Hannah Ferrier could make a comeback after being fired

Hannah Ferrier was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn during Season 5.Below Deck Med. Bosun Malia white turned her in because she had a registered prescription to Valium and a CBD pen aboard. This was the most controversial decision. Below Deck history. Hannah voted against Maritime Law. However, the producer is not concerned about her returning.

“I wouldn’t have any trouble with her back on the show,”The Below DeckProducer told Us WeeklyFriday, August 5. “I don’t think she could work for Captain Sandy Yawn, but yeah, she could work for another captain.”


It’s likely that Hannah could work for Captain Jason Chambers. As Television Shows AceAs previously reported, it was her fault for getting him onto the spinoff series. Below is the Deck below. Aesha also assisted in coaching Aesha for her new position as chief stew chef.

She has since moved on to the 2020 firing. Hannah fell in love with Josh. Ava Rose, their daughter, was born to them in October 2020. She also launched two new businesses — a podcast and an online course for aspiring yachties.

Hannah Ferrier is back on the high seas. She is currently filming The Real Love BoatThe series will premiere on CBS in Fall 2022. Hannah shared her announcement on social media about her return to television. But, Hannah was mommy-shamed by her career change.

Hannah Ferrier Could Return To Below Deck [YouTube]

Could she be on? Below is the Deck below?

Mark shared his thoughts about Hannah’s return to Below is the Deck below. He said that her firing doesn’t prevent her from appearing in another series within the same franchise. It would be difficult, however, since Hannah is no longer a chief stew.

“She could be [part of the show],”Mark told Us Weekly. “She’s not, but she could be. She’s actually kind of retired from yachting and has a baby and kind of a new life.”

He suggested that she might. “come back”In some way. He believes that even if she had to take time from her job, she would still be an integral part of the team. “top class chief stew.”What are your thoughts about Hannah returning to? Below Deck? Comment below.

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