Hannah Ann Sluss is Expanding Her Family with Jake Funk

Bachelor Hannah Ann Sluss is a former student. She was humiliated by Peter Weber when he ended their short engagement. She kept her relationship private until February. Hannah Ann has finally come out with Jake Funk, a former NFL player. Now she has announced that they will be expanding their family.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk expand their family

Bachelor Nation Share whatHannah Ann Sluss spoke out about Jake and her expanding family. Hannah opened up in an Instagram Q&A about her relationship with Jake. Other exciting news was also shared by Hannah with her fans.

One fan wanted to know which one made the first move in their love life. Hannah Ann said, “Lol he did! Our first date was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and he had no idea how expensive it was going to be.”

Another fan wanted information about Jake’s favorite date. She responded, “The Office in Cabo. We both had the best food and it was great for people watching!”

The big news was next. When asked if she would be attending Jake’s football games with the Los Angeles Rams she said, “All of the home games! Maybe a few of the away games where we would only be gone for one night because I’ll probably be at home with the puppy!”

She also said that their new addition is still not born. Hannah Ann stated that their puppy would be born in August. She said that they bought him toys, a crate and a bowtie. They both are excited to meet their fur baby.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk, Instagram
Hannah Ann Sluss, Jake Funk, Instagram

Their relationship

Hannah Ann and Jake seem to be in serious trouble. They have said that they had been meant to meet previously.

Plus, Hannah’s parents approve of Jake and are excited for their daughter and her future.

Jake wrote a sweet birthday message to Hannah Ann back in April. He wrote, “Happy Birthday to the girl from East Tennessee! I thank God everyday for allowing our path’s to come together. I love you so much and hope you have the best birthday yet ❤️🎉”

It’s safe to say she has moved on from her time on The Bachelor. Are you sure that these two lovers will soon be engaged? Stay tuned for more news.

Hannah Ann Sluss is Expanding Her Family with Jake Funk
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