Hallmark’s Don’t Forget You Love You’ is a New Year Movie Romance

Hallmark’s New Year New Movie is about transformation. Don’t Forget I Love YouThis is a funny story with six letters, a time capsule and an attractive new neighbor.

Emilie Ullerup stars in this new movieLove & Glamping, Chesapeake ShoresClayton James (Superman and Lois, When The Heart Calls), Grace Beedie (Five Star Christmas, Cut, Color, Murder), Daphne Hoskins (The Cycle, Mente MariposaTeagan VinczeFor the Daughter, Carried Away).

The name of this Hallmark movie has been changed several times. They include Time Capsule Romance, Romancing The Birthday GirlNow, the official title is Don’t Forget I Love You. It doesn’t matter what title it is, it still has the same vibe. P.S. P.S..

Do you want to see a transformation in your life?

What Is Hallmark’s Don’t Forget I Love You About?

Don’t Forget I Love YouPromises a lot transformation and love. What’s the Hallmark movie about, you ask? According to the Press releaseTaylor Ullerup has reached a landmark birthday. She will be turning 30!

This VIP day is not unusual. Taylor is a type-A personality so this is how she likes it.

Every day is the same. Every morning she does an anti-anxiety workout. She soon heads to Space To Live. Taylor is a solo entrepreneur and this is her organizational shop. You will find everything you need to keep your space organized.

But there’s one thing that is different. Josh (James) is her new neighbor. Josh, a single father who is attractive and knows nothing about organizing.

Another change is possible. Taylor receives a map as a birthday gift. This changes Taylor’s life. The map leads to a time capsule hidden in the ground, and this is what she needs to do.

Taylor, along with her father, opens the time capsule. This time capsule belonged to her mother. Six numbered envelopes are inside, along with instructions. Taylor must open one letter per week. Each letter contains a challenge Taylor must meet.

Taylor’s mother believed that she was plagued by anxiety and prevented her from living the best life possible. Taylor was created these challenges by her mother to overcome her anxieties. Taylor is thrilled to take part.

Josh also has his anxieties. He doesn’t believe he is enough for his daughter.

Soon, Taylor & Josh overcome their anxieties and start to feel. Are they able to overcome their fears and open up?

Hallmark Photo: Emilie Ullerup, Clayton James Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Courtesy Johnson Production Group/Luba Popovic

When can you watch? Don’t Forget I Love You?

Hallmark’s Don’t Forget I LoveYou premieres Saturday, January 22 at 8 p.m. Eastern. Encore shows are on Sunday, January 23rd at 4 pm, Thursday, Jan 27th at 8 pm, Sunday, Jan 30th at 12 noon, Saturday, February 5th at 2pm Eastern.


Hallmark's Don't Forget You Love You' is a New Year Movie Romance
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