Hallmark Wines Adds Three New Wines to Their Collection

Hallmark has decided to launch Christmas in July 2022 by introducing three new wines. Are you ready for more? “Holly,” “Jolly,”And “Christmas At Graceland”Right now? This is all the information.

Hallmark Wines Launches Three New Wines

Hallmark has also created new wines with Wines That Rock. Their Website says: Press releaseThree new wines were released by them. Holly and Jolly are their first two wines. 

Holly is a fruity, red wine blend. This wine contains hints of dark, ripe stone fruits like cherries and plums as well as blackberries.

Jolly, a white wine blend with pineapple, peach, and other tropical flavors is second.

Danielle Mullin (SVP, Brand Marketing, Crown Media Family Networks) shared the news. “We’re so thrilled to bring the joy of Christmas in July to life with these brand-new holiday varietals and to welcome them to our growing Hallmark Channel Wines collection. Building on the ongoing success and astounding fan appreciation of our offerings, Holly & Jolly were crafted with our viewers in mind and are sure to be the perfect pairing to all of their special celebrations this summer and beyond.”

Hallmark has finally launched Christmas At Graceland. This Zinfandel is the first to be launched. “notes of blueberries and tropical fruit flavors balanced by sweet overtones and spice with delicious plum jam.”

Andrew Nelson, Hallmark Channel winemaker, said it. “What an incredible opportunity to create a wine for this collaboration between Elvis and Hallmark Channel. I’m honored and beyond excited. Our Holiday Zinfandel is delicious – dark, bold, smooth – great for celebrating with friends and family and enjoying while watching Christmas at Graceland. Thank you, thank you very much.”

Hallmark-Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Christopher Katsarov Luna

Hallmark launches The Perfect Pairing in January

Hallmark introduced a new wine in January to accompany their wine movie. The Perfect Pairing. The movie stars Brennan Elliott, Nazneen Contract.

This particular wine is a Sauvignon Blanc from the late harvest. “The Perfect Pairing.”This is even more true than the movie. The Perfect Pairing This wine is an ice wine.

Produced from grapes that have been frozen to 37 degrees Brix “at harvest,”This special dessert wine has 17% residual sugar by weight. This sweet wine is rich in tropical fruit flavors and golden color. It pairs well with a tray of charcuterie.

It All Begone with Joy and Jingle

Hallmark released their first two wines in 2020. “Jingle”And “Joy.”Both are available online for purchase, even more so.

Jingle is a Cabernet Sauvignon full-bodied wine that has aromas of cherry and dark chocolate. “hint”Holiday spice.

Joy is a Sauvignon Blanc. This refreshing wine is bursting with tropical fruit, white peach and ripe pineapple notes. Hallmark also created these wines with Wines That Rock. Hallmark stocks them. PurchaseAs well as their own wine club.

Hallmark Wines Adds Three New Wines to Their Collection
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