Hailey Bieber Sets a New Record for Rampant Baby Speculation

Hailey Bieber shared candidly her thoughts on marriage. Wall Street Journal Magazine on February 1 about her plans, or lack thereof, to start a family with her husband Justin Bieber in 2022. “I think ideally in the next couple of years we would try,”She shared her secrets. “But there’s a reason they call it try, right? You don’t know how long that process is ever going to take.”Hailey stated “definitely no kids this year”Stressing the importance of this topic would be “a little bit hectic.”The model explained her vision of the past to us. “to have kids right away”at “super, super young” age, adding, “Then I turned 25. And I’m like, I’m still super, super young!”

The YouTube star has never stopped dreaming of becoming a mother. “I love kids and I can’t wait to have my own,”Hailey shared her story Vogue ArabiaSoon after her marriage to Justin, in 2018, she was divorced. “I would say that now, that’s a closer reality, but definitely not anytime soon.” 

It’s safe for us to assume that Mrs. Bieber and Mr. Bieber will make an announcement soon, similar to when they confirmed their engagement. InstagramJustin and Hailey are the only reliable sources of information about their marriage.


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