Gunna and Freddie Gibbs beef explained

Gunna, an AMERICAN rapper has been in a public feud over the past few years with Freddie Gibbs.

On January 5, 2022, the feud intensified when the pair exchanged a war of words on Twitter ahead of the release of Gunna’s new album.


Gunna rekindled the feud with Freddie Gibbs days before the release his new album.

Gunna and Freddie Gibbs beef explained

The beef between the two rappers’ dates back to December 2019 when leaked footage appeared to show Gunna on Crime Stoppers.

At the time, Gunna spoke to a reporter about a local crime his cousin had been accused of committing with the intention of absolving his relative’s guilt.

However, many swiftly accused the rapper of snitching on the family member– despite little proof that it was a clip from the notorious criminal tracking show.

Five months later Gunna made a comeback on local radio to clarify the matter.

“Man, I don’t know what the f**k that’s about,”He said it on air.

“Man, Crime Stopper where? I ain’t never stop a crime. Never.” 

The same day as Gunna’s interview, rapper Freddie Gibbs decided to join the conversation.

He wrote, tweeting, “If u was on crime stoppers TV u a snitch. Ain’t no way around it.”

 Though he didn’t name Gunna explicitly, it was obvious that he was the target of his comments.

Gunna’s new album DS4: What do you think Gunna has to say about Freddie Gibbs?

Gunna made a snide comment about Freddie Gibbs on January 5, 2022, ahead of the release his fourth album, Drip Season Four.

“When my album drop Freddie Gibbs will the biggest moment of his career,”He tweeted.

Many fans suspected the tweet meant that Gunna was going to have a few shots for Gibbs on his album, due to the past remarks about Crime Stoppers made two years prior.

When a clip was later released, Gunna was listening to an unreleased track in his car.

Gunna can be seen dancing in the video while a short track plays. “I can’t fuck with Freddie Gibbs.”

The rapper then began to tweet subliminal messages via Twitter directed at his rival.

“But ya I’m PUSHIN P,”He tweeted the following, before adding: “Jumpin n a person beef or situation when u dk wats goin on Not P.”

Freddie had previously taken aim at Gunna for an alleged historical interview on Crime Stoppers


Gunna was previously the target of Freddie’s attack in an alleged interview for Crime Stoppers.

Freddie quickly responded to his tweets with his own series of tweets – taking aim directly at his new content.

One of his letters was: “I’m the hot topic right now these n***z need me to push the project. I get it”

“U can say U sold more records got more money but I ain’t never been on crime stoppers. Fin.”

What happened Gunna’s cousin?”

Gunna tried to defend his cousin during Gunna’s May 2020 interview. He believed he had been wrongly charged with a crime.

“My cousin was in a jail—a little girl got killed—and another n**a went to court and said my cousin did it, but my cousin didn’t do it,”He said.

“My cousin still got life for that s**t, til this day.”


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