Grieving Groom Marries Late Fiancée at Her Funeral to Fulfill Her Last Wish

Unexpectedly, a man lost his love before they could wed. He learned that his beloved had been planning their dream marriage right up to her death, and decided to fulfill her final wish in the most touching way. 

No amount of strength can prepare us to deal with the loss of a loved ones. The pain will subside in time but the void that they left behind is irreparable and cannot be filled. 

People can be affected by trauma and grief in unexpected ways. Reminiscing about golden memories can be a way for some to remember their loved ones. Others might see things as more complicated than they seem. Today’s story is about a man who experienced indescribable emotions after an unimaginable tragedy flipped his world upside-down. 


Love is the only thing that can make our lives meaningful and beautiful in a world filled with fear, chaos, and uncertainty. Similar events took place in Xu Shinan & Yang Liu after they crossed pathsAt a Chinese university 

They instantly felt an undeniable connection and quickly got along well. They became friends through long internet conversations and fell in love in August 2007. Shinan, Liu and their love for each other was so strong that they decided to live together the rest of our lives. 

Six years later they were engaged. They got married in August 2013. The love birds had everything they needed. Three months later, something unanticipated happened.  


Liu felt severe pain in her chest one day and immediately reported Shinan. Shinan took Liu to the hospital. Doctors examined her and discovered something shocking and heartbreaking. 

According to some reports, the shop owner was so moved by the story of the couple that he offered any dress in his shop for just one Yuan (11 pence).

After several checks and tests, Liu was diagnosed with breast cancerIn March 2014. The couple put their marriage plans on hold while she underwent multiple surgeries and grueling rounds of chemotherapy.


Shinan noted how his lovely fiancée endured the pain with a smile on her face and never cried. Liu documented her chemotherapy journey through her account on Twitter-like Weibo, hoping to inspire and motivate other cancer patients. 

Her condition improved in 2017, and she and her husband began to save money for a place to live and resume planning their wedding. Sadly, Their hopes and dreams were dashedLiu’s cancer Retour a year later, even before they could hold their nuptials. 

Shinan, fearful of his bride-to be, sent her to various hospitals across China in an effort to find the best treatment. He recalled:

“We went across the nation, seeking medical advice while traveling. It was a happy year after all.”


Unfortunately, Liu’s health deteriorated in May 2019 and she was forced to be admitted to hospital in Dalian, China. Per Shinan, his beloved, suffered from a variety of complications and was eventually made bed-bound in July.

After suffering severe bone fractures from sneezing, the fragile bride-to be had to be placed in a Coma. She died a week later. Liu is 34 years old diedOn October 14, 2019,After a five and a half year battle with cancer, he finally lost his fiancee. About losing his fiancée, the heartbroken man expressed:

“She couldn’t even recognise me in the end and we didn’t bid farewell.”


Shinan claimed that he discovered Liu’s online shopping cart after he lost his wife. He also found out that Liu had been selecting wedding dresses even before she was admitted to the hospital. It hit him like a tug of war. it was his fiancée’s heartfelt wish to walk down the aisle. He recounted:

“I promised to buy her the most beautiful wedding gown.”

Only a day after Liu’s death, Shinan made good on his promise and bought his fiancée a gorgeous white gown. The couple’s story moved the shop owner so much that he offered to buy any dress from his shop for one Yuan (11pence).


Shinan, 35 years old, organized a wedding ceremony. His 12-year-old deceased partner was wearing a white bridesmaid gown, surrounded with 169 pink roses, and Shinan was dressed in a white dress. The devastated groom hoped the ceremony would realize Liu’s dying wish of being a bride. He SubmittedHis bride:

“All that I can do is to fulfil your wish and letting you wear a wedding dress fulfils my wish.”


Dalian Evening News reports that Shinan stood by his dead bride. Lest the vows of marriageIn the Dalian funeral parlor, in eastern China, the couple performed a special ceremony. The memorable occasion was also witnessed by the couple’s loved ones. Shinan was also present. said:

“Wife, please don’t worry! For me, the rest of my life will be in pain, but I will not give up.”

A pair of diamond wedding rings, placed on a pink ribbon.Source: Pexels | Source: Pexels


Shinan is also believed to have remained beside Yang’s corpse for seven days after her death. This is Chinese folklore to honor the deceased. Further tears were shed by the bride. revealed:

“My wife used to say that nobody was allowed to cry should she die. I was holding back my tears on the day, but when [her body] was sent for cremation, I couldn’t fight it anymore.”

Undoubtedly, the heartbroken man not only kept his promise to his fiancée but also eternalized their love, which is profoundly heart-touching.What are your thoughts about this story? Share it with your loved ones and friends to show your appreciation for this beautiful couple. 


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