Great boost for British travellers: Brits get fast-track access to Portugal.

Brits who are sun-starved will be able to fast track entry to Portugal. The country defies the EU and plans to treat UK citizens as its own at border.

In a shun for Brexit demands, holidaymakers from the UK will be treated in the same way as EU citizens. The Portuguese government has opened its airport gates to Brits.


Brits will be granted fast-track entry to PortugalCredit: Alamy

Brits with ePassports will no longer have to wait in long queues for manual inspections – as was previously required under Brexit. They can instead use their egates when they arrive at Lisbon Faro, Porto, Funchal, Madeira, Faro, Porto or Faro.

Under the Brexit requirements, the UK must be treated as an EU member. “third country”EU. However, member states can make their own rules regarding travel.

Portugal will be the first country in the EU to abolish manual airport checks and instead will welcome three million UK tourists each year via special egate channels.

It is possible that other EU countries, such as France or Spain, could follow the lead of this move.

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Paul Charles, chief executive at the PC Agency, a travel agency, spoke to the Telegraph“Portugal is clearly ahead of the curve in recognising that large numbers of British tourists must be processed as smoothly as possible, or there will be long lines this summer.

“So it’s a clever way of differentiating themselves from other countries who are not processing in the same way.

“I think you will see other EU countries follow this approach otherwise British travellers will face long delays going into France, Spain, Greece, Italy and other countries.”

Australian, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan can also use the special egates at Portuguese airports.

Brits planning to travel to Portugal in the future will find it a great option to remove their face masks from indoors.

After being published in a State Bulletin, the new rules went into effect yesterday, several hours earlier than originally expected.

Portugal has also ended the requirement to fill in passenger locator forms for people travelling to the country.

Spain follows a similar trend by relaxing the rules regarding masks.

British tourists arriving in Spain have been able to ditch their face coverings for the first time in nearly two years in virtually all places indoors including shops and hotels since Wednesday.

Face coverings are still required in Spain and Portugal.


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