Grandparents must sell the beloved car of their son to raise his 2 children. They can have it returned with $100k

An elderly couple lost their sons and daughters-in law in a motorcycle accident. It was like everything had fallen apart. It was difficult to raise the children of the couple who died in a motorcycle accident. A few months later, however, something unexpected happened that would completely change their lives. Find out what happened.

Raising children can prove difficult for grandparents and older adults. Because the infants have lost their parents young, this makes it even more challenging and emotionally-charged.

Marilyn Keryluke, Ben Keryluke’s son and daughter-in-law, can attest to this fact. The above statement is appropriate for their circumstances. The couple and their entire family were devastated by the death of Brent and Nicole Keryluke (Ben and Marilyn’s sons and daughters-in-law) in a motorcycle accident on May 5, 2018.

Ben Keryluke speaks while holding Liam, his grandson. Source: Youtube/Global News| Source: Youtube/Global News

The couple was riding their motorcycle in Canada when the bike collided with a truck. Even more tragic was the fact that Arielle, six, and Liam, three, were left behind by their young couple.

They were blessed with grandparents who agreed to take care of the children. Unfortunately, taking care of Arielle and Liam meant that Marilyn and Ben had to pay more for their medical bills.

The couple had to sell the car that their son loved, which he had been driving since before the accident.

It was a Pontiac Parisienne 1973. sittingIn their garage in Red Deer (Alberta). Ben and Nicole struggled to sell their car. Brent had hoped that the classic car would be passed on to their children.

“I’d stop by, and Arielle and Liam would be in the back seat with an iPad and books, and that’s where they spent a lot of time while he was under the hood,” Ben TelledGlobal News.

Source: Youtube/Global News| Source: Youtube/Global News


But the couple wanted the best and had to make a difficult decision. So, four months later, in September 2018, Ben Taken the carElectric Garage Auctions is a local auction house that hopes it will be affordable.

Global News shared a video on YouTube that captured the event. It seemed to be going well. They stopped the auction at one point to inform everyone where the money was going. The auctioneer explained that the money was going towards Arielle and Liam’s retirement.

Ben Keryluke and his wife Marilyn with his grandkids on stage during the car auction | Presents

After that, they continued the auction. Ben was astonished at what followed. First, Rod McWilliams from Red Deer Motors purchased the car for $29,000. However, he then donated the car back to Red Deer Motors. Next, Danny Fayad of Edmonton won the second round. He offered $30,000.

Again, the car was returned to charity. Bob Bevins, Bulldog metals, purchased the car again for $20,000, and finally gave it back the Keryluke family.

Additional to the money raisedOther donations totaling more than $100,000 were made to the car. It was a very emotional moment for Ben as well as everyone else.

Bob Belvin, one of the highest bidders in the auction, spoke in an interview. Source: Youtube/ Global News| Source: Youtube/ Global News


Lyndsay, co-owner at Electric Garage Auctions, admitted that people couldn’t hold back their tears. She claimed that not one eye was dry in the building. She also Additional:

“People were overwhelmed with just the generosity of people of Central Alberta and the support that the family has. It was incredible. People were cheering; I was crying.”

“Our auctioneer had a hard time getting through it because he was crying. He was emotional,” Payne Noted. Bevins, third buyer, shared his reasons for returning the car after the auction was over.

According to the man, the car had more sentimental significance to his family than it did to him. Bevins said that he believed Liam would one day be able drive his father’s car.


After the auction, the Kerylukes continued to receive kindness from well-meaning people.

They were supported by family, friends, and strangers via a GoFundMe page, which was created for Arielle and Liam. Ben couldn’t help feeling grateful for the love, kindness, and support he received from his loved ones.

Global News spoke to him that it was amazing to witness the kindness of strangers towards his family’s children. He was overwhelmed by emotions and didn’t know how to express his gratitude for the kindness of so many people.

The Keryluke story is a testament to the kindness of people around the world. There are still people out there who are willing to help even in the most difficult times of our lives. If you enjoyed this story and have learned something, please share it.


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