Grandma couldn’t afford to go to prom so her great-grandson bought one for her 70 years later

A 19-year old boy proved that sports jocks are not what they seem. What did he do to prove it? He took his great grandmother to prom.

Austin Dennison, a young man of his generation, is someone any father would love to see his daughter go out with. 

Handsome as a movie star and an Eagle Scout who played for the school’s football team, Austin was also an active baseball and basketball player — a jack of all trades, if you will. 

Austin Dennison at prom with his great-grandmother. | Source:

That’s not all; he also Play in the school band and was a regular church attendee with a lot of respect for his elders. 

He learned one day that his teacher had an older brother, who chose to take his grandmother to prom instead of picking a girl his own age. 

Austin Dennison at prom with his great-grandmother. | Source:

Austin was reminded that his Granny DD, who had also not been able to attend her prom, had not had the opportunity because her family was poor and times were difficult. 

He thought it would be a cool idea, so he called her one day to ask her an important question. “He said, ‘Grandma, I want you to go to the prom with me,'” Delores Dennison Interview. 

Austin Dennison at prom with his great-grandmother. | Source:

She tried to get him to stop, telling him she had a stroke. He was not so good at her feet. But he refused. 

He even asked her categorically if he was certain he wouldn’t take one of the younger girls who were no doubt fawning about him. She said yes. “I want you,”The old lady finally agreed to go with him. 

The evening began with Austin blessing his grandmother by singing acoustic renditions of “Iris”The Goo Goo Dolls are accompanied by a pearl necklace. 

After that, his father drove them up to Bob Evans, a favorite restaurant of Mrs. Dennison, where they had dinner before heading to the dance. 

Austin later was seen gently guiding his grandmother through the dance floor, hand in hand. The couple received a standing ovation but Austin had to hurry to get to the dance floor, knowing that his grandmother had limited energy. 

He was as respectful as ever and kept his pace steady to keep up with her. He was aware that she could only move as fast as her cane would permit her and would not stress her. 

She was dressed in a pretty blue dress paired with a cloth purse — a product of an adventure they had together while shopping for prom gowns in the young women section. 

The heartwarming slow dance between the mismatched couple was performed by Frank Sinatra. “Delores”He kept going. This was another surprise that he surprised his grandmother for knowing how much the song meant to him. 

Austin’s grandfather, who had died many years ago, used to sing the song to her. It was wonderful for everyone, and it was very touching for them all. Return home just after 9 p.m. 


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