Gordon Ramsay’s Young Son Is Basically His Twin

On December 12, Gordon Ramsay shared photos on Instagram featuring his youngest child, Oscar Ramsay. He quipped Oscar was “on a cat walk” and he added a heart-eyes emoji. The series of snapshots showed Oscar holding a family cat up, grasping the feline snugly under its front legs. The young boy was seemingly trying to help the cat walk upright, and his dad made sure to capture the moment on camera. The cat did not look particularly pleased, but it also appeared rather resigned to its fate.

Many of Gordon’s Instagram followers got a big kick out of Oscar’s feline adventure. In addition, many noticed Oscar appeared to be the spitting image of his dad. “He looks alike with you awwww,” one commented. Another noted, “Baby gordon bless him.” Someone else wrote, “Awww bless he’s well got your face wonder if he has your temper in the kitchen.”

As much as the “Hell’s Kitchen” star raves over his older kids, Oscar’s clearly had a special place in Gordon’s heart since the day he was born. “I’ve been giddy flying in a fighter jet at 1,000mph,” Gordon told the Daily Mail after Oscar’s birth. “I’ve done some very dangerous things underwater. But I’ve never, ever felt as vulnerable as I did when my son Oscar was born,” he explained. The fiery chef actually fainted during Oscar’s birth, but these days, he seems quite capable of keeping his cool as he documents his youngest child’s shenanigans.


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