Gordon Ramsay Mocked Over Extortionate Fish And Chips


Gordon Ramsay has been rinsed for the pricey fish and chips at his London restaurant. 

The Kitchen Nightmares star is known for going into eateries across the UK and US and tearing them apart, whether it’s for their woeful food, awful management, poor hygiene or, in some cases, crazy prices on certain dishes.

Of course, some of these places are absolute dives, so it makes their high prices more shocking. Ramsay runs luxury restaurants, so he can get away with squeezing his patrons a bit – however, this is a bit much for some fish and chips, is it not?

The River Restaurant by Gordon Ramsay is due to open at the Savoy Hotel in London on October 11. If you fancy a chippy tea in a high-dining setting, you can pay £24.50 for cider-battered gurnard, with minted peas and warm tartar sauce.

Here’s the real kicker: that doesn’t even come with chips. For that, you’ll need to hand over an additional £7 for ‘Koffmann’s fries’ and bonito salt.

Ramsay has been promoting the restaurant on social media, but people have been quick to point out the extortionate prices. ‘£25 for that fish!! Rip off, I could eat for a week for that,’ one user commented. ‘Gordon mate if I’m being honest I’d rather pop down to the local chippy, don’t even know what those other dishes are,’ another wrote.

‘What the hell is that? If my local chippy served me that excuse for a piece of battered fish I’d send it back,’ a third wrote.


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