Goran Visnjic Explains Why He’s Not Much Of A Horror Movie Fan

With one scary movie out now and a big horror reboot on the way with “Hellraiser,” it would be easy to assume that Goran Visnjic is an aficionado of scary movies. This, he admitted, is not the case. “Oh, no. I’m not a big fan of horror,” he said. “Now I have to say, with my teenagers, they’ve been dragging me into theaters lately to watch the horror movies. I kind of started enjoying looking at them next to me, kind of, ah, enjoying being scared. Yeah. I’m warming up my love of horror a little bit.”

While horror may not dominate his acting resume, he has had his moments dipping in and out of the genre. “‘Practical Magic’ was kind of dark comedy, but I did play a guy who’s been killed, then he wakes up as a zombie. They kill him again, he wakes up as a ghost, they kill him again. That was my beginning of horror,” he said of his role in the 1998 film. “Then there was a movie about 15 years ago called ‘Hypnotic’ or ‘Close Your Eyes.’ That was like a horror. I did that movie in England. I really liked that one. Then it was ‘The Accursed’ and I’ve just done a remake of ‘Hellraiser.’ Yeah, that was interesting. That’s going to be a good one, a big one.”


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