Google FIRES engineer claims that company created a’sentient AI-child’ chatbot

THE GOOGLE engineer who claimed that the company’s artificial Intelligence bot was conscious has been fired.

Blake Lemoine announced his firing personally on the Big Technology Podcast shortly after Google notified him.


Google fired Blake Lemoine after claiming that an AI model of the company was sentient.Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Google has repeatedly denied Lemoine's claims


Lemoine has been repeatedly denied by Google his claimsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Lemoine was a senior software engineer at the search giant and worked with a collaborator in testing the LaMDA chatbot’s boundaries.

After violating Google’s confidentiality policy, he was placed on paid administrative leaves by Google in June.

Lemoine emailed 200 people his findings before he was suspended and titled it “LaMDA is sentient”.

Google forced Lemoine to back down and finally fired him last Friday.

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LaMDA is a language modeling that focuses on conversational language and not text.

The advanced AI system uses information about a particular subject to “enrich”The conversation should flow naturally.

In an interview, Lemoine described the AI as a “child”And a “person”.

“He was told that there was no evidence that LaMDA was sentient (and lots of evidence against it),”Brian Gabriel, spokesperson for Google.

After revealing his suspicions publicly, Lemoine’s credibility and character were carefully examined by the media and Google’s teams.

An examination TweetLemoine posted this article “My opinions about LaMDA’s personhood and sentience are based on my religious beliefs.”

One Google employee posted anonymously on the message board BlindLemoine “Lol the guy who leaked it is a class A moron. He has come close to being fired multiple times for his non work related antics which are mostly distracting and a huge waste of time.”

“We found Blake’s claims that LaMDA is sentient to be wholly unfounded and worked to clarify that with him for many months,”Google contacted Big Technology to respond to Lemoine’s firing.

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Lemoine has told the Associated Press since his dismissal Wall Street JournalHe has made contact with lawyers “about what the appropriate next steps are.”

Google spent more that $31billionLast year, artificial intelligence research was conducted and developed.


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