Good Morning Britain viewers have all reacted the same way to Susanna Reid’s warning of scorching sun.

GOOD Morning Britain fans accuse Susanna Reid “scaremongering”Following her grim assessment of the UK’s heatwave.

Susanna (51) described the current hot spell. “frightening”She shared footage from wild fires with viewers.


Susanna Renee has been accused of scaremongeringCredit: ITV
GMB weather forecaster Laura Tobin has also been accused of the same


Laura Tobin, GMB weather forecaster, has been also accused of the same.Credit: ITV

To weather forecaster Laura Tobin, the GMB host stated that it was “quite frightening,”

“As we were saying yesterday, these are scenes which other countries cope with but, you know, sometimes spread out of control – and that’s a real worry.”

Laura replied: “We haven’t even got going yet, things are going to get even more extreme.”

She added: “We’ll have power supply problems. People will be trying to install air conditioning units, and there won’t enough electricity.

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“We’ve already heard there are water shortages, low reservoir levels, people haven’t got enough drinking water. And with the extreme heat we’re seeing rails buckling and wildfires.”

Laura concluded that there is a 30% chance that we will break the all-time record for temperature and some people have spoken of 40C.

“This was the worst scenario I could predict for climate change in 2050. It’s possible to achieve what was once impossible.

“There is a possibility we will reach 40C this weekend and that is why it is so concerning. “

Fans weren’t impressed by Laura and Susanna’s remarks about the weather, so they accused them of being unimpressed. “scaremongering”.

One tweeted: “With all this scaremongering going on about this ‘heatwave’ I hope these presenters and weather girl go straight home and not sit out in the sun.”

Another moaned “Yesterday it was banning school sport days due to the hot weather and today it’s spontaneous combustion of greenery near a beach! FFS #gmb stop scaremongering because the UK is eventually having a Summer.”

A third author wrote: “So #GMB are scaremongering about the bloody heat now?”

Susanna, who was cohosting GMB alongside Ed Balls, started the segment with clips of wildfires in Yorkshire.

“Six fire engines were called to that roaring inferno on the side of the A61 near Ripon,”Susanna stated.

Ed added “It was spotted by somebody driving up the road, as a passenger. They saw the fire and called the fire brigade. The country’s on fire!”

The Met Office has extended the current Amber “extreme”As the sizzling 35C summer scorcher continues, heatwave warning will continue through the weekend

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Brits are being warned “adverse health effects” from the heatwave set to stay until at least next Monday.

Temperatures could reach 35C in the southeast, 32C in much of England, and this trend will continue into next week. The Met is considering extending an Amber warning extension in the near future.

Susanna shared her heatwave fears with co-host Ed Balls


Susanna spoke out about her fears of the heatwave with Ed Balls, co-host
They showed footage of a wildfire in Yorkshire


They showed footage from a wildfire in YorkshireCredit: ITV
Much of the UK is placed under an Amber 'extreme' heatwave warning


Amber ‘extreme heatwave’ warning is in effect for large parts of the UK


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