‘Golden Girls’ Beverly Hills opens a pop-up restaurant

Blanche, Dorothy Rose, Rose, and Sophia fans will want to go to a new place. “Golden Girls”A themed restaurant in Beverly Hills opened Saturday to the public.

The Golden Girls Kitchen can be found at 369 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills. Tickets are available now.

The restaurant is carefully crafted to feel like you stepped into Blanche’s home in Miami and the other Florida hotspots featured in the iconic show. The restaurant’s menu was developed and is being overseen by Los Angeles chef Royce Burke.

Customers can order entrees with a variety of ingredients. “Sophia’s lasagna,”You can have it with or without meat. Also, you can get a Miami-inspired Cuban sandwich. There’s also vegan option, special cocktails and desserts available.

Reservations are required. Tickets include an entree and dessert. You can also purchase additional sides or merchandise. Tickets start at $39 per head during non-peak times.

For more information, visit the Golden Girls Kitchen. Click hereThank you, and I’m glad to be your friend!


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