Ghislaine Maxwell: Retrial Called For Following Juror’s Sexual Abuse Revelation


Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers have called for a retrial after it was revealed one of the jurors could have had a conflict of interest within the case. 

The ex-socialite was convicted of five out six charges of sex trafficking minors in order to engage in illegal sexual activities within the paedophilic network of late convicted sex ofender Jeffrey Epstein.

Experts have warned that the case could be retried. The reason is that a jury member may not have disclosed a past experience, which could have affected the 11 other jurors and the final verdict.

Maxwell’s lawyers have since written to Judge Alison Nathan to claim the alleged failure to disclose such information ‘presents incontrovertible grounds for a new trial’.

Ghislaine Maxwell during jury selection. (Alamy)Alamy

The jury in question, who goes under his middle and first names Scotty Davids, said The IndependentHe is a survivor of his own sexual abuse and has been able to overcome it. ‘verdict is for all the victims’.

Christian Everdell, Cohen and Gresser LLP’s lawyer, claims David ‘told reporters that he disclosed to the other members of the jury during deliberations that he was a victim of sexual abuse and further described his memory of those events’.

Everdell stated that: ‘According to the juror, his disclosure influenced the deliberations and convinced other members of the jury to convict Ms Maxwell.’

David has claimed that he doesn’t remember being asked about the possibility of him having been a victim of child sex abuse in the prospective juror questionnaire, and that he ‘would have answered honestly’ if such a query arose, Sky News reports.

The questionnaire asked for information about other victims and their families.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein at Balmoral. (US District Attorney’s Office)US District Attorney’s Office

However, David’s comments were noted as deserving ‘attention by the court’ despite jurors being ‘free to discuss their jury service with anyone of their choosing’According to the United States Attorney for Southern District of New York, Judge Nathan was informed that the following information is true.

‘The government proposes that the court schedule a hearing in approximately one month, along with an appropriate schedule for pre-hearing briefing regarding the applicable law and the scope of the hearing,’It was added.

Another member of the 12-person jury reportedly came forward to claim that they also suffered sexual abuse as children. The New York Times reports.

The juror stated their personal experiences ‘had appeared to shape [and] help the jury’s discussions’.

As a result of the two juror’s potential conflict of interest and possible bias, the ‘government believes the court should conduct an inquiry’, the letter by the Department of Justice explained.

Ghislaine Maxwell (Alamy)Alamy

However, the report noted that ‘government’s request for a hearing is premature because based on undisputed, publicly available information, the court can and should order a new trial without any evidentiary hearing’, but resolved that Maxwell ‘intends to request a new trial’.

‘In light of the issues raised,’Judge Nathan responded and created a schedule for defense team members to follow. ‘move for a new trial in light of the issues raised’.

The defence’s motion is set to be put forward on January 19, with February 2 marking the deadline for the government’s response. The defense will reply on February 9th.

The court ‘reserves the decision on whether an inquiry of any kind is warranted’Judge Nathan declared.

Maxwell currently serves a 75-year sentence. Maxwell will also be on trial for two other counts of perjury in the coming months.


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