George Stephanopoulos and Wife Ali’s $6.5 million Abode, where they are raising their 2 children

George Stephanopoulos (ex-Communications Director at the White House), is now a political commentator. “Good Morning America”He lives the American dream as a co-anchor. He is an achiever in his field and home front — inside his love life and the million-dollar abode where he lives with his family.

George Stephanopoulos (Massachusetts) has, undoubtedly, paid his dues at the age of 61. It is no exaggeration to call him an intellectual powerhouse, given his many years of expertise in politics and the media.

Ali Wentworth, his perfect wife, is by his side. Ali, like her husband has earned a few titles including author, producer and actress.

George Stephanopoulos, former presidential advisor, looks at Alexandra Wentworth November 20, 2001 at Holy Trinity Cathedral Greek Orthodox Church. New York City.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Despite their success and popularity, the couple has remained in a loving relationship for over two decades.

It all began in the most unlikely of places. A friend of the actress had suggested that they would make a great match. But Wentworth, who was born in D.C. and raised by a mother who worked at the White House refused to agree.

She wanted Hugh Grant or Matthew Perry and she had no idea that Stephanopoulos’s star would match hers. After a few convincings, she finally agreed to go on a blind date. The pair met at Barneys in April 2001.

Wentworth was wrong to expect that it would be a great date. They were indeed a perfect match. Within days they fell in love, and within two months were engaged. The couple explains how it all started. “GMA” co-host :

“About 15 minutes in, she just leaned in and said something, and we were suddenly in another place, in another universe, immediately. We went from strangers to friends to being in love in days.”

After a few months, the couple was convinced they were meant for each other. In November 2001, the couple decided to share their wedding vows. This began their journey to forever.


Ali Wentworth, George Stephanopolous and daughters Harper & Elliott Stephanopolous at Crosby Street Hotel, New York City, November 15, 2016.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

The couple welcomed their daughters five years later. With their growing family, they settled in Washington, D.C. in a colonial revival house. 

Wentworth and her husband lived in peace for many years. They were happy, content, and full of joy as they worked hard. Five years later, Wentworth and her husband needed to make a major change. The change had a profound impact on the author.

Wentworth said that her D.C. home was well-designed and she spent most days at home working in the office. One day, Wentworth received word that her husband was going to be co-hosting the show. “GMA.”

They had to leave behind their D.C. home they loved. She describes the moment. :

“Speaking before thousands doesn’t cause me an ounce of anxiety. But moving? I’m on the floor, panic-stricken.”

George Stephanopolous “Good Morning America”On March 3, 2020.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Wentworth was anxious about the change but she did her best to support her husband. She also put on a brave front for Elliott and Harper. 

Finally, she managed to save a few photos, some art pieces and a hotplate so that they could begin their lives again in New York. It was much smaller than their first home, but it was still very sophisticated.


The author was fortunate to have met Michael Smith, a top home decorator and friend. He was a great inspiration to her, and she continued to keep in touch with him through emails and study of his ideas.

Smith was immediately able to agree to make the couple’s new house a home.

Unfortunately, the first time he visited the house, it was a mess— the author admitted that it looked like a “lady stripped off all her makeup and jewelry.”

She was confident that Smith would be a good choice. She said that, despite the poor condition of the property, the flooring was perfect and it didn’t need to be replaced.

Smith gave birth in six months as expected, which left Wentworth stunned. As she recounted the tale, she revealed:

“The results left me in awe…I still can’t stop pawing the Venetian-plaster walls. And our master suite with its hand-painted wallpaper and Italian neoclassical walnut bed, is exquisite.”


Wentworth and her husband, who moved to New York in 2000, have remained there. They raised their daughters in the palace, which includes a simple and elegant living room.

The living room of the couple features adorable cushion chairs, which pair well with a leather dual-seat chair.

The center table has a rectangular shape and contains flower vases, china wares and other items.

Also, shelves are added to the walls of the dining room. It is positioned in front of a window that allows natural light to flood the area. The dining room chairs are placed along two straight paths at the table’s edges. 

High ceilings, dove grey walls and neatly marbled areas greet the kitchen. A fun board hangs at the door.

The bedroom features a bed suitable for a King. The bed has two drawers on each side that can be used as lamps. There is also a chair and a table to hold a flower.

Wentworth home also features a breakfast room that has been beautifully furnished to serve light meals. The area faces the window and surrounds itself with armless chairs. There is also an office space with many Bookshelves cradling the author’s collections.


Wentworth and her husband are busy, but they have made the effort to take time for their home affairs. They raised their daughters in love, and within a beautiful home.

While Speak about her approach to parenthood, the actress maintained that she does not believe in going by a template in books, adding that there is no formula.

Wentworth has been able to rely on her determination and support of her husband for her success.  

During the Covid-19 period she gave her children a free hand. Relaxing all the strict rules. They were permitted to watch memes all day and not have to go to bed at a specific time.

Despite the difficulties of raising her children, the author is able to connect with her daughters. They love and respect her. She took the time once to explain the history behind their names.

She started by apologizing to them for their long first name, which is almost impossible for a stranger to pronounce correctly at the first attempt.

 Then, the mother-of-two revealed that she adopted Elliott’s name for her eldest daughter because it was her grandmother’s. Harper, her youngest child, was Wentworth’s dream. “gorgeous”Word and couldn’t forget it.

Apart from talking with the girls, Wentworth and her husband are consciously igniting the sparks in their relationship Through humorThey have been strong for many years thanks to this.

The couple celebrated their twenty-year anniversary last year. The author posted a picture of her online love life. Sharing a throwback photo of their wedding, saying, “20 years!!!!!!! And I’m still full of love and celebration!”


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