George Jones’ Ex Tammy Wynette Was ‘Lost & Lonely’ after Split — She Met Mr Right after a 44-Day Marriage to Another

George Jones and Tammy Wynette shared a chemistry that was evident in their captivating performances and passionate love lives. Their relationship was not perfect, even though they were inseparable. 

George Jones and Tammy Wynette became the biggest names in country music when they joined forces, not only in their songs but also in life. Before they met, both were divorced and had been married twice. 

Wynette had a difficult time falling in love. Before she moved to Nashville, Wynette divorced her first husband. However, things did not go according to plan with Don Chapel, a songwriter and motel worker.

Tammy Wynette & George Jones | Source: Getty Images

Meanwhile, after two divorces, the second of which took place in 1968, Jones swore not to marry again until he turned 69. He was attracted to Wynette, and that vow proved futile. They met at a Nashville recording studio and became acquainted on the road.

Wynette, Wynette’s childhood idol, made their connection stronger. Jones confessed that he loved the singer in 1968 as Wynette was arguing over her husband.

Wynette then confessed that she loved him as well. Soon afterward, they drove off, accompanied by Wynette’s three daughters from her previous marriage. 

In 1981, George Jones and Tammy Wynette performed at the Wembley Arena in London. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Wynette flew to Mexico quickly and was soon divorced. Jones married Wynette on February 16, 1969. Tamala Georgette, their daughter, was born to them the next year. Their happy union took their careers to new heights. They released duos, such as “Take Me,”This was a huge hit. 

The song of the couple, “The Ceremony,”They were married in a duo of their vows. They began touring together in a bus that declared them “Mr. and Mrs. Country Music.”Their primary focus was on performing. Jones shared: 

“When we were onstage, we were in our own little heaven.”

George Jones and Tammy Wynette sing together in a concert held in Nashville, Tennessee, circa 1994. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Their music career was a success, but their marriage began to decline. Jones turned to alcoholism and often returned home drunk, sometimes making him violent. They remained together for five more years.

He was extremely protective and watched over her interviews to keep her safe and order her chaotic world.

Wynette filed for divorce in 1973 after Wynette became sick of it. Wynette explained that Jones was drinking and Wynette reconciled them. Another duet was also a success. “We’re Gonna Hold On,”During this time. 

The cracks in their marriage only got worse over time. Wynette filed for divorce a second time in 1975. It was final. She was eventually reunited with Wynette, the tour bus, Nashville, and their child’s custody. 

Sep 1995, Tammy Wynette, London, Britain: Hammersmith Apollo. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Wynette SummaryShe married Jones as “I was naggin’, and he was nippin’.”George was her ex-husband, and she felt that something was missing in her life after the divorce. She expressed: 

“With George gone, I felt utterly lost and lonely.”

She found comfort in Rudy Gatlin, a member of her band and later fell for Burt Reynolds. But she was worried it wasn’t mutual and so she got married to another man. Her marriage lasted just 44 days. Her husband was a fraudster. 

She acknowledged that she had made mistakes in her life. But she believed she had finally made it right when she married No. 5, George Richey. 

George Jones, a country music star, performs during a “live”Concert appearance on September 24, 2000. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Wynette married No. 5, Richey was her husband No. Right, was a manager-songwriter. The pair married in 1978. He was very protective and hovered above her interviews to keep her from getting unwelcome queries and to order her chaotic world.

They enjoyed spending time together at First Lady Acres in Nashville, where they hosted parties and cared for Wynette’s grandkids. But even after finding her Mr. Wynette’s world was always a mess. 

Three fires consumed her home, causing damage of $150,000. Wynette was abducted two years later from a Nashville shopping center by an allegedly cruel assailant. He broke Wynette’s cheekbone and released her. In 1988, the Richeys filed a bankruptcy petition. 

Tammy Wynette in Nashville, Tennessee with George Richey, her fifth husband. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Wynette and Jones reunited after her marriage to Richey. Jones shared sweet memories of their reunion. He revealed: “Sure, it’ll bring back memories, but not like when I ached about our divorce.” 

But despite everything they went through, Wynette was confident in her marriage with Richey, and the couple stood strong, even after her music partnership with Jones. Wynette expressed:

“No way anyone or anything can come between me and my marriage. I’ve never been so happy before.”

Over the years, Wynette and Jones maintained a professional and cordial relationship and performed fantastic duets together. Wynette was on the brink of death when she was admitted to hospital for an infection in December 1993. Jones visited Wynette, despite his inability to communicate with him, along with Nancy, his wife of two years. 

Fanfair, January 1, 1995 in Nashville. Tammy Wynette, Country Music Singer Songwriter and George Jones perform at Fanfair. | Source: Getty Images

After many years of being sick, I was finally able to get well. “Golden Ring” singer breathed her last breath on April 6, 1988. Jones, her ex-husband, and music partner, felt as if he had lost an important friend. Jones mentioned: 

“In the end, we were very close friends, and now I have lost that friend. And I couldn’t be sadder.”

Wynette, 55, was believed to have died in her sleep. Dr. Wallis Marsh, Wynette’s long-time doctor, stated that she died in her sleep at 55. causeA blood clot in the lungs was what caused Jones’ death. Even after Jones’ April 26th death, the country music stars’ achievements and legacy are still cherished. 

The iconic duo are still remembered fondly for their contributions to music and the magic of their voices. Jones and Wynette remained together despite everything. Their love for music is what made them so special. 


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