Genius iPhone trick totally changes how you share photos – and it’s so easy

YOUR iPhone has a handy way of moving photos around – and it might surprise you.

If you want to move an iPhone image, you would normally go into the Share options.


TikTok user shared this genius iPhone trickCredit: TikTok
It works using the Photos app


It works with the Photos appCredit: TikTok

You can then share your findings. iPhoneCopy it or photo to another app

However, there is a quicker and more satisfying way.

Go into the Photos app and simply hold down on a photograph.

Next, without releasing the button, navigate to a Messenger chat and drop the image in the charbar.

The photo will appear in Messages.

User TikTok shared the trick KarrabrosIt has been liked more than 6,000 times.

You can also choose to hold multiple photos at the same time.

Many apps support this feature so you can share to multiple locations.

It works with the Photos app as well.

Late last year, we revealed how you can also share iPhone photos from other places – including Google Images in a web browser.

Published by @katamogzThe short video shows you how to save images from Google by using drag-and-drop.

The TikToker begins the video by saying: “iOS 15 hack you never knew existed.”

Then, she demonstrates an iOS 15 photo trick that allows you to drag and drop images straight from Google Images into the Photos app.

The video @katamogz on her iPhone with Google Images open.

She searched the internet for photos of Kim Kardashian’s look during this year’s Met Gala.

She holds the image she wishes and drags the image to the bottom right corner.

By clicking on the images, she adds more images to her pile.

Images must be held with one finger. You can swipe up to locate photos using another finger.

Open Photos and make sure there is a visible plus symbol at the bottom of your album.

Drag and drop your Google Images photos onto the symbol to see how they save to your Photos app.

This bulk saving method is faster than other methods of saving Google Image photos.

The video is available below.

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