Gas Prices in Southern California Keep Dropping – Los Angeles

As gas demand has declined, so has the average price of regular gasoline in the US and Southern California.

Southern California’s average gas price is at its lowest level since February.

Drivers are trying to save money by switching to regular gas instead of premium gas.

These numbers are based on AAA,The national average price for regular gasoline seems to have dropped significantly from last month. The national average for regular gas is now $4.302, compared to $4.897 a month ago.

California has been the most expensive state since gas prices began to rise across the country.

The numbers for the state average also saw a steady decline in the past 30 days, but they are not as high as last year’s prices.

According to AAA, the average regular gas price in California right now is $5.685, compared to $5.843 one week ago and $6.318 one month ago.

These are the current gas prices in Southern California, according to AAA

  • LA County: $5.728
  • Orange County: $5.639
  • Ventura County: $5.756
  • San Bernardino County: $5.676

There has been some fluctuation in LA numbers over the last few months. According to U.S. Energy Information AdministrationLA had its lowest prices this season in February, and the highest in June.

Feb. 2022 March 2022 April 2022 May 2022 June 2022
$4.565 $5.594 $5.623 $5.749 $6.157
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration


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