Gary Player’s son expelled from Masters for life because of a poorly timed marketing stunt

Wayne Player, Gary Player’s child, has been expelled from the Masters Tournament for life. This was a bad marketing stunt.

Wayne Player, who is the son of the legendary nine-time major champion, confirmed that he’s no longer allowed to appear at Augusta National for the prestigious tournament.

It comes as the result of a marketing stunt as the Honorary Starters began the 2021 tournament, which saw Lee Elder – the first Black man ever to compete in the event – honoured as the first shots were taken.

Wayne stood behind Wayne while he was being recognized for his trailblazing achievements and held a set of golf balls.

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He discussed his ban in Golf DigestThis week, he stated: “Well, they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I found out that that’s not quite true.”

He added the following: “I had probably 50 texts after that, 40 of them said I’m a marketing genius, 10 were like, ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ It wasn’t premeditated, but it was a tacky thing.”

Elder was recognized at The Masters before he passed away in the same year at the age 87. Wayne said that Elder was the one he had made amends with before his death.

It was during the honorary tee shots in 2021 that it happened.Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

“I’ve got Lee’s cellphone number. I called and I said, ‘You know, Lee, I love you guys.’ You know, everyone said I was disrespectful for a special moment in time for Elder. I said I was sorry, and I didn’t mean to take up his special time.

“And he said, ‘Wayne, you know how much I love you. Right?’ It didn’t cross his mind. That’s important for people to know.”

His father Gary Player won the Masters three times. He’s one of only five golfers to have completed a Career Grand Slam in winning all four majors, alongside Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

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