Gareth Southgate responds in kind to England fans chanting “you don’t know what you’re doing”

The England manager accepted responsibility for the humiliating defeat by Hungary that left Three Lions Nations League hopes hanging.

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Match between England and Hungary in photos

England’s worst defeat in recent history has been taken to task by Gareth Southgate amid cheers and chants from home fans.

England came in second for so long at the Molineux and it was the Three Lions’ worst defeat home since March 1928. Hungary won because too many of the key players had a bad night and took full advantage.

Roland Sailla led the visitors to victory within 25 minutes. With 20 minutes left, Zsolt Nagy doubled the lead for his side. England fell apart in stunning fashion after Zsolt Nagy scored a thunderous third goal before Daniel Gazdag turned the ground toxic.

Boos were ringing out even though the score was only 3-0. Harry Maguire was introduced to replace Bukayo Saka. But the jeers changed into chants after Hungary scored their fourth. Southgate was greeted with a chorus of “you don’t know what your doing” chants.

He was silent in the technical area, watching helplessly as England’s boss. He acknowledged that he understands why the fans were so critical of what he had just witnessed.

“Yes of course (he can understand them). In the end, this is about winning matches with England,” Southgate admitted. “Tonight was the sort of night that a lot of my predecessors have had and experienced, and it’s difficult.

“I’m not going to say it doesn’t hurt, but it’s very clear to me what we were trying to do across the four matches, and the irony is that the two Nations League campaigns have been the ones that have heaped negativity and pressure onto us. I’ve got to go with that and it’s my job to protect the players. It is my responsibility to ensure that the results are achieved.”

Gareth Southgate acknowledged that he sympathizes with England fans.

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Southgate claimed then that the sides he had chosen for clashes against Hungary weren’t up to par. “I’ve tried to balance looking at new players, tried to rest players,”The England boss explained.

“We couldn’t keep flogging our more experienced and better players, but in the end the teams I’ve selected haven’t been good enough to get the results in the two Hungary games really. I think the other two performances have been more positive than perhaps the reaction to it.”

Only two games are left before England’s first game at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The disastrous Nations League performance could slow down momentum and derail the tournament’s progress later in the year.

Southgate would also have been responsible for England’s exit from the Nations League if they lose to Italy in September’s next round of international fixtures.

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